How We Can Protect Ourselves from the Extreme Heat of the Sun

We all have to admit that summer is here. You may love the weather or hate it but no matter what, you have to think of ways to protect yourself from the extreme heat. There are repercussions if you would ignore this warning. Serious conditions can develop because of the heat. Here are some tips that you have to remember when you are exposed to the heat of the sun:

  • Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses especially if they have good UV protection like ray ban original wayfarer, can help protect the eyes since they are also sensitive to the harmful effects of the sun’s excessive heat.
  • Drink water. Not drinking water will make you dehydrated. This can lead to serious conditions like heat stroke and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).
  • Slather on sunscreen to protect your skin. Do not take your skin for granted. You may want to tan but tanning will have harmful effects on the skin.

Protect yourself further from the heat of the sun by wearing comfortable clothing and hats to keep the rays of the sun away.


Kids of today’s generation grow up so fast…I sent my kids to preschool while pulling their kids luggage one day, the next thing I knew, they’re taller than me and doing things on their own. They used to be dependent on me. Well, there are times that they still are. But most of the time they decide on their own without mommy’s help. Ah, kids… I wish I can keep them from growing up, but that would be too selfish of me… All I can do for now is to guide my children to become better persons they can be.

This photo was taken about 5 years ago (I think).