Monthly Archives: January 2011

Life After PT

I missed my daily routine when I was still with PT. I’m not required to be at the main office or be at my post (assigned beat) everyday. For as long as I can deliver or meet my deadline on time there is no problem with the bosses. If there’s no scheduled coverage for the day, I stay at home and do some research at and conduct phone interview(s) to get all the necessary details that I need. I write down my story and voila I finished my work without leaving home. There are times the bosses would require me to attend one or more coverage in a day. I couldn’t be in two places at the same time, but I’m glad there are fellow scribes who are willing to exchange information with those who missed the event.

One of my phone interviews

I miss my old job and the opportunities to go to different places and meet different people. Most of all I miss the banner and taglines. But since I started blogging, it feels like working with PT again as I get my work published and later earn from it.

Our dog bit me

Oreo bit me behind my right leg. He is such a playful dog and I thought it was one of his tricks to get my attention as he saw me preparing the dinner table. When I turn my back on him, he barked and then bit me with his sharp little teeth leaving a small bleeding wound. I immediately wash the wound with soap and running water, pat it dry and put a wound solution.

Oreo’s vaccination certificate

Oreo has been vaccinated with anti-rabies last Dec. 27. The veterinarian said it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect so that renders Oreo free from possible rabies virus. I hope so. I still have to read alli review and more information about rabies to lessen my worries.

This is a good year to get a job

Would you mind working as sales clerk in a modern furniture shop? How about putting up your own business? They say opportunity doesn’t knock twice. If you have doubts on what career to pursue in the near future, be able to assess yourself, your interests and capability. Can you stand loads of paper works in an office setting? Or you see yourself managing your own store? Whatever that will make you happy depends on your choice and determination. Don’t be afraid to try new things, for you can learn from every success and mistakes along the way. Good luck!