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Pay per click services

I find some pay per click services beneficial to my blogs. Aside from gaining visitors to my blogs, I also get to earn from the affiliate network as an advertiser. In a few weeks, I hope to receive my nth earning again. Signing up to affiliate network is free, but you have to wait to get your blog(s) approved to be a member.

Pay per click is one of the many known ways to drive more traffic to your blog. The more  expert bloggers employ search engine optimization (SEO) to get more visitors.  If you know of any other ways to promote your website or blog, kindly share it here. Thanks! 🙂


He’s the reason for all season


Kung nag-iisa at nalulumbay
Dahil sa hirap mong tinataglay
Kung kailangan mo ng karamay
Tumawag ka at Siya’y naghihintay

Siya ang ‘yong kailangan
Sandigan, kaibigan mo
Siya ang araw mong lagi
At karamay kung sawi
Siya ay si Hesus
Sa bawat sandali

Kung ang buhay mo
Ay walang sigla
Laging takot at laging alala
Tanging kay Hesus maka-aasa
Kaligtasa’y lubos na ligaya

Siya ang dapat tanggapin
At kilanlin sa buhay mo
Siya noon bukas, ngayon
Sa dalangin mo’y tugon
Siya ay si Hesus sa habang panahon

(repeat IV)

Kaya’t ang lagi mong pakatandaan
Siya lang ang may pag-ibig na tunay
Pag-ibig na tunay

(repeat IV except last line)

Siya ay si Hesus
Siya ay si Hesus
Siya ay si Hesus sa habang panahon

Of allergies and second hand smoke

My children used to be sickly babies. They were often afflicted with cough and cold, bronchitis and asthma; sometimes they were treated for primary complex or Pulmonary Tuberculosis in children. The most frequent causes of their sickness were cigarette smoke (passive smoke from the neighbor), dust and other allergy-causing air pollutants. Aside from the medicine prescribed by our pediatrician, someone also suggested that we consulted an acupuncture specialist. Acupuncture therapy is said to help strengthen the immunity of kids.

By the way, would you know which is more harmful to (smoker’s) health, cigar or cigarettes?