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Gecko as AIDS cure?

Press Statement from the DOH

The folkloric practice of using geckos (tuko) as cure for AIDS and asthma persists to this day and is of serious concern to the Department of Health (DOH). There is no basis that this practice cures ailments like AIDS or brings relief from symptoms of asthma.

Thus, we do not recommend it as cure for any ailment.

The use of geckos as cure, which is unproven and have no scientific basis, could be dangerous because patients might not seek the proper treatment for their diseases like asthma which could become more serious and later require hospitalization and other more complicated as well as more expensive treatment. Further, this is likely to aggravate their overall health and put them at greater risk.

For diseases like asthma, there are now very effective treatments that are easily available and at affordable prices that can provide relief from asthma. With regular treatment, asthmatics can successfully control asthmatic symptoms and live a comfortable, healthy life.

For patients with HIV, there are now available antiviral medications that can control the progress of the disease.

Personalized gift ideas: Artcarved pieces

If you are hard up on giving personalized gifts to your friends and family, and wants to keep your creative juices flowing at the same time, you might want to try making simple artcarved pieces during your spare time to send as gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Personalized gifts, especially the ones you made yourself, will always be appreciated by the recipient, no matter what they maybe. Just make sure to start with simple and uncomplicated art carvings, especially if you are just a novice, since you wouldn’t want your friends mistaking your carved masterpiece into an entirely different thing altogether! You will get the hang of it eventually and you would have made dozens of carved items to give out to friends the next time you had a get-together in no time!

How about giving your special one an artcarved ring like this one?

Crumbling little lives in Smokey Mountain

Smokey Mountain is one of the popular dump sites in Metro Manila that operates for several decades. A court ruling ordered its closure in mid-1990s (I think) sending thousands of people who live near the dump site jobless.

Several years have passed but there are still little lives that depend on the “dead” Smokey Mountain to survive. A program on a local channel featured families that struggle to eke out a living by digging and sorting out metals and plastics and sold them at junk shops. Small children even join their parents and older siblings at the dump site to collect scraps. I’m not really sure whether metal detectors sale would make slum dwellers’ metal collection easier. But the truth remains, they will stay at the dump site, the only place they learn to live life, if no one (or government agency) will help them transfer and give them a decent source of livelihood.