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Dengue season boosts blood-letting campaign

The government’s call for voluntary blood donation to augment supply for dengue patients gives rise to various blood-letting campaigns.

In a radio interview, a representative from the Department of Health has expressed optimism that blood-letting programs would increase the number of blood donors.

“We only hope that blood products will be distributed evenly to areas that need them the most to avoid wastage,” the official said.

Blood products such as red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma can be stored and used within 3 to 4 weeks after extraction.

Fluid replacement and blood products (if need arises) remains the cornerstone of dengue treatment.

Dengue fever is transmitted by day-biting female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that breed in different water-holding containers such as unused or junk tires, drums, jars, bottles, tree holes, roof gutter, and flower vases among others.

Unclean urban areas are generally the favorite habitat of these virus carriers although these can also be found in better residential districts, schools, and other public places.

Who can donate blood?

  • You can donate blood if you…
  • Are in good health
  • Are between 16 to 65 years old (16 and 17 years old need parents consent);
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds;
  • Have a blood pressure between: Systolic: 90-160 mmHg, Diastolic: 60-100 mmHg; and
  • Pass the physical and health history assessments.

PRC Blood Services Facilities carefully screen potential donors. The screening guidelines are necessary to ensure that blood donation is safe for you and that it is safe for the person who will be receiving your blood.

Click here for detailed information on blood donation.

The Weary Worrier

Old habits die hard, they say. I must confess that I have this one habit I can’t seem to shake off, no matter how hard I try. Well, maybe I’m not trying hard enough. It’s the habit of worrying too much about the future. Every little thing, from what to have for dinner tomorrow to where to get a good car wash, I think about. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! When you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find more of my bigger worries, those which are about my kids’ health, education, etc. Good thing there are sites like that I can check from time to time when I needed immediate financial support.

This reminds me of a Bible verse about worrying:

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

There something in the Bible about why we should not worry, because if God takes care of the needs of the littlest creatures, what more with us?

The Woman in the Mirror

Obviously, I have been listening to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” for the past hour or so. More than its melody, what endears me to that song is its lyrics, and Michael Jackson’s singing prowess, of course. It wishes to convey a message that if we want things around us to change, we have to examine ourselves and first make that change within ourselves.

It got me thinking about doing some serious introspection. I know I do have a lot of things to change within me. Procrastination is one of those. I tend to put things off until the last minute, and that leaves me spreading myself too thin, with the number of online tasks (including a research on polaris rzr accessories) I have to finish all at the same time.

Take some time each day to look inside you and assess yourself. Try to come up with a viable list of things to change- sans liposuction! The little changes we make about our character will make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Guest post by a blogger friend.