Monthly Archives: December 2011

Welcome 2012 with a Bang!

You can enjoy the loudest bang of a firecracker to welcome the New Year without spending a centavo or putting yourselves in danger due to firecracker explosion.

Yes, this is possible through the world’s safest firecracker in the world. This was just launched by the Department of Health. It’s for free so you don’t need to pay for it with any type of ach payment to enjoy the loud bang of a firecracker minus the risk of getting burn caused by accidental explosion.

It’s just you and your SFX or sound effects of the safest firecracker experience. You can choose the sound of an exploding Super Lolo or listen to the sound of the fireworks symphony as you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Go visit to see what I’m talking about or you can simply check Have fun and welcome the New Year safely.

Give up fireworks for Sendong victims

I’m sure you’re all aware of what happened to typhoon-hit areas in Northern Mindanao and Visayas over the weekend. Three cities were badly hit and affected by massive floods and landslides. If you have clothes, food, bottled water, medicine and money to spare for the survivors, you may do so by sending them to trustworthy organizations that will transmit your donations to evacuation centers. Thousands have perished and many more languish in evacuation centers. It may take a while before evacuees recover.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, many are expected to buy fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate, but instead of spending so much money on fireworks, maybe you can give them to typhoon victims. Also, you can share anything that you no longer need like school books, notebooks and pencil, old jansport bags for school children. It will definitely make a lot of difference to people in need especially kids.

A Perfect Gift for Bloggers

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