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Yes to a community fireworks display

I hope the health department will gain public support in its quest to push for the banning on individual use of fireworks/firecrackers as it push for a community display of fireworks to bring down the number of fireworks/firecrackers related incidents and casualties.

This means that LGUs should identify safe areas for community fireworks display and that with the imposition of the ban, only certain accredited organizations will be allowed to purchase these fireworks. This will further encourage development of legitimate firework manufacturers while discouraging fly-by-night manufacturers.

Health Secretary Enrique Ona explained that that the proposed ban will be a win-win solution because it will not result in the displacement of people in the fireworks industry and at the same time reduce preventable injuries due to fireworks/firecracker use. This option will be further discussed during consultations after the holidays.

Also, the DOH is urging church leaders to encourage their parishioners not to use fireworks/firecrackers in welcoming the New Year.

“There are more ways to be happy in welcoming the New Year. An injury in the family will not make our New Year happier,” Ona said.

Should a referendum be conducted today to support the community fireworks display, will you vote YES?

Source: DOH Press Release

EMT Gear that Saves Lives

Not many people will even think about getting items that are related to their local fire department, or emt units that will be called upon, when normal people are facing danger. Think about purchasing a few fireman shirts, to show them how important they are, and how much everyone respects the job that they are doing. It is not an easy task to run into a burning building to save someone who they don’t know, but these brave people do it every single time a fire is burning. You can even think about getting a large number of shirts, to send them to your fire department, as a little thank you for all the hard work.

It might seem strange that a simple t shirt is able to tell someone how much are appreciated, but the truth of the matter is that these shirts are special. Not everyone is able to understand the meaning of the logos that are printed on the t shirts, and only those who have gone through the training will know how important the shirt means. Normal people will only look at how cool the logo is, but for the firefighters, they have a sense of pride when they are wearing it.

If you are someone that likes to be prepared in case of an emergency, you can think about getting ems gear, which might save lives when the time comes. Although the response time of emt units are very fast, when a person is in distress, the first few minutes will be the most crucial. If you have gear that might give the person in trouble help, this will give them a better chance to survive, until help arrives.

Getting these gears are easy, and you only need to spend minutes of your time online to find a place that you can purchase them from. However, you will need to understand how to use these gears properly to help someone, or they might be counterproductive. There are courses that you will be able to attend to learn how to use this equipment, and you might even turn into a hero one day, if you ever need to use them. Most people will stand back and do nothing if they see someone in trouble, but with the proper training and equipment, you will not be someone in the crowd. When the time comes, the price of the gear is small, when you compare it to saving a life.

Create a Lasting Impression with Eco-friendly Promotional Shopping Bags

Promotional items work well for businesses that are interested in attracting large number of potential customers within a shortest time. Aside from customers, promotional bags also help in building a solid brand image because a promotional bag with your logo will continuously remain before the eyes of your customers and thousands of other people will see it every day.

You can also distribute promotional bags to your employees and business associates as a “thank you” gift in a hope that they will remember you and work for your growth. Irrespective of size, many companies use such promotional bags. You won’t need a big budget to get started with this type of marketing and small and medium businesses can also take their business to the next level with this type of marketing.

Since other companies may also be using these type of products for promoting themselves, you will have to be bit creative and come up with ideas so that these promotional shopping bags from CustomEarthPromos can make a good place for your business in the market. You won’t get much from getting expensive promotional bags, but by using them innovatively to increase your sales leads.

You can even distribute printed water bottles as they are one of the best promotional items. In fact, many companies have been successful in increasing their business by millions this way. Millions of people use promotional bags for carrying items so they can be used by retailers who often hand out sold items to their customers. Since these bags are carried around in public areas and shops by the customers they get more attention and exposure. These bags can be custom printed bearing the log, name and contact details of the brand or store.

You can get these wholesale custom bags in various materials for more check out here. Many variants are made using recycled paper or even plastic, which can again be used for carrying good and other useful material. Many companies and retail stores have now started using cotton fabric and jute bags due to their better durability and eco-friendly nature. You can get them in various styles, colors, and forms so you can easily pick the one that appeals to you.