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NCRPO: Crime Prevention Tips During the Holy Week and Summer Vacation

Travel Security

  • Plan your trip and identify your primary and alternate routes.
  • Prepare your vehicles and inspect B.L.O.W.B.A.G.A.R. or brake/lights/oil/water/battery/air/gas/accessories/registration.
  • Bring your ID cards.
  • When traveling, lock vehicle doors and use seatbelts.
  • Communicate regularly your status and location to person/s you trust.

Home/Office Security

  • Check all doors, locks, bolts and window grills.
  • Use perimeter security lighting, make sure you do not use incandescent bulbs to avoid fire incident.
  • Unplug all appliances.
  • Use electronic security alarm system if possible.
  • Alert your neighborhood watch group to monitor your house while away on a trip.

Pedestrian Security

  • Secure your valuables, avoid displaying them in public.
  • Keep your bags/purse/cellphones close to your body.
  • Prepare loose change/coins, keep your money in two or three pockets.
  • Walk away from the curbside and opposite the direction of motor traffic.

Do not fall prey to criminals.  Report a crime

to PDir Alan Purisima at NCRPO SMS Center cellphone nos. 0999.901.8181 at 0915.888.8181.


My Two-Cents On File Sharing

In this age of modern technology and fast-paced social media, the Need for secure file sharing is just as essential as getting a reliable broadband or internet connection. You will be online most of the time and you will need a safe place to stash all those photographs and videos, not to mention the numerous episodes of your favorite soaps on television or the downloaded copies of all your all-time favorite movies. You might also need a suitable venue to share these files with families and friends, as well as your business or online colleagues, if need be. Therefore you really need a file sharing site that would cater to all these various needs, while maintaining the integrity of your files and making sure that they will be safely kept away somewhere and is readily available in as much as a click of your mouse.

Choosing the perfect file sharing site might just be quite a daunting task, what with hundreds of file sharing sites that mushroomed in the World Wide Web over night, now more than ever, you ought to be careful in choosing which sites to use. What with the recent moves by the US Justice Department shutting down sites and seizing up domain names under citing possible copyright infringement cases. Apart from choosing the best file sharing site to keep your precious files safe, you ought to choose one that is sure to follow rules and regulations on copyright and what not, so as not to be shutdown or seized by the government any time soon. Egnyte is one such better alternative, apart from making sure they follow laws on copyright, you can be sure that your files are safe where you need them, ready to be accessed and shared the next time the need arises. Don’t put those precious files in jeopardy, choose a file sharing site wisely!

Know Your Benefits As An Employee

It is part of the territory to know your company’s policies on employee protection and compensation, especially if you have been in that company for a while now. Being aware of these rules and regulations that were upheld in the first place to protect the employees’ and the workers’ rights will not only keep you feel safe about your tenure in the company, but will also let you work on those quotas and deadlines with a light heart. So, in case you have not done so, browse on that employee manual and keep a few parts of those rules in mind. Being aware of your rights, will go along away, especially against abuse and work-related harassment, and the likes. You might also want to check out Workers Compensation Lawyer Torrance provides, if in case you work in California, keep the contact numbers handy just in case you will need on in the future. And while you are at it, you might also want to take note of a Social Security Attorney Long Beach has in the directory. You never know when you might just need his services.