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Crime-Fighting Television Drama, Anyone?

There was a time in my life when I got addicted watching all those crime-fighting, FBI-drama on television. I would usually pour in hours and hours each day just so I can finish an entire CD and catch up with the latest season that is currently shown in the local cable network. I simply love the nuggets of information I got from those forensic experts, the heart-stopping fight and chase scenes, and the entirely mind-boggling episodes. And what can you say about the nicely-dressed False Arrest Lawyer New York City sent in one of those almost-true-to-life episodes? He is just dressed to the nines; you’d think he is more of a shipping magnate than a lawyer. Oh well, these television drama are just epic and I will probably never tire watching them, especially if I have the time to spare. And please don’t make me choose between watching another episode and making a post about Sue NYPD. It will be one tough decision to make!

Reasonable and Good Quality Watch – Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

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Salary hike not like to happen this year

Bad news for government workers. The government is not likely to grant any salary increases this year. That’s one reason to frown on by homemakers who depend on their husband’s fixed income. If only government agencies besides TESDA, would create technical programs to help fixed income earners learn additional know-how for potential job opportunities. In times like this, families cannot just depend on “dole outs”. There should be a permanent source of income for working household members. It can be a skill in creating worship furniture or basic carpentry or welding job. If you have other source of livelihood, the impact of such news (no salary hike) will not affect you immensely as you have something to fall back on.