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When A Fairy Visits Yam’s File

It’s a bit late and I was planning to sleep when I thought of checking my email. You know, files, events and what not. I just want to make sure I did not miss any on my inbox. Lo and behold! An email that made me awake the whole night! Fairy Hobmother is coming over here! He will be visiting my blog! I am so happy for the news. You know, there is so many good things that has been said about the He fairy. I heard from my blogging friends that when he visits a blog, he make sure that the blogger is happy. He surprises them with lots of  gifts. And so when I saw his name on my inbox, I was happy! No, I was ecstatic!

That’s Fairy Hobmother! You can Follow The Fairy Hobmother on Twitter and let him know that you want him to visit your blog too or you can leave a comment after this post. 🙂

Hmm.. now I can’t decide what to buy for the gift he would give me, a washing machine is a good idea, but I need some pans and some stuff for my kids. I hope I can buy all those.


Protect your health, my advice

There’s a really good reason I talk about mine and my family’s health on this blog; it’s really important to me, just like your family’s wellbeing is really important to you too. I talk about it often because it’s on my mind a lot. I like to make sure that I can live a long and happy life, watching my kids grow up (and my grandchildren, and hopefully great grandchildren too). I need to stay healthy, and I really want my kids to grow up in good health too.
A friend of mine was recently injured in a car accident, and this has made me think about it even more than usual. She’s fine now. She took a bit of time off work until she got better, and she was out of action for quite a while. Shortly after she got hurt, and when we knew she was going to be ok, I told her to go to a personal injury claims company. They’re on the internet now, so it’s really easy to do. She could just visit a site like no win no fee and get some proper advice on how she could make up some of the money she missed out on not being at work. She took my advice and the results were brilliant – they took her case on no win no fee and helped her with all her medical costs.

My advice to readers is that you should definitely consider this if you ever get hurt. I would need help with my medical bills and with looking after my family if I ever got too hurt to work, and I think you probably would too.

Paying For Breast Implants: What You Need to Know

It’s almost a no-brainer that women all over yearn for perfect breasts. Whether we want them bigger or perkier, we always want to modify our mammaries. We take advantage of whatever science has to offer to indulge us in our fantasies of bodily enhancement.

But the thing is, better-looking breasts don’t come cheap. It’s not something you can get on amazon and enjoy after 3 days of waiting. Breast implants do come with an exorbitant price tag which no plain Jane can readily afford.

If you’re quizzing yourself as to how much breast implants cost today, you should be ready for jaw-dropping figures. Their prices play around the ballpark of 3,500-4,000 USD.

There are many factors to consider when making an estimate of the fees for breast augmentation surgery. You’ll have to think about hospital fees, medication, anesthesia fees and costs for other medical tests which you may have to undergo. Don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon about all the expenses you’ll have to tackle throughout the procedure.

Think twice about where you want to have your surgery done. Prices greatly vary from each city or state. This is due to the different demands and competition in each area.

Explore all your options. Don’t stick to the first plastic surgeon you have coffee with. Meet with several doctors and remember to ask about their professional fees. The cost will vary depending on his or her level of expertise and years of experience.
Don’t forget to ask about breast implant warranties. You’ll save on extra costs if they’re part of the breast augmentation package offered to you.

Nobody’s stopping you from becoming a Heidi Montag, if that’s what you want. Just carefully study all your financing options before having breast surgery done.