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Necessary Clothing For Firemen And EMTs

There are numerous items of clothing that are essential to firemen and EMTs including jackets and shirts. Not all clothing is created the same and some may be better than others. Here is a look at what to look for when buying shirts and jackets for an emergency worker.

EMT jackets are essential to the job. These are pieces of clothing that serve many purposes. This type of jacket must protect from the weather and also from medical harm. An EMT gets called to many different cases. Some happen late at night when it is cold and others happen when it is raining. Either way, the jacket must keep the EMT dry and comfortable. Depending on climate, a person may prefer a layered jacket with a hood and removable insert liner. In the same way, one of these jackets must protect from blood borne pathogens. An EMT jacket must have a one way vapor barrier in the outside layer. Vapor can escape to avoid sweating, but no liquid can get in. This keeps infectious substances from getting stuck in the fabric. Things like blood and other bodily fluids simply wash away. It is also necessary to have an EMT jacket that has reflective material on the outside. It should also be labeled with service identification.

A fireman must maintain a professional appearance even while not actually battling a blaze. To look stylish, it may be wise to choose a form-fitting fire polo shirt. It is important to find shirts that are made of high quality material that will last a long time. Most fire polo shirts are classically styled and resemble the common variety found on store shelves. Others are made of material that increase visibility. When a fireman is at a community event, wearing a red short will grab attention. Neon colors will keep a person safe at night or in high traffic areas. A fire polo shirt must be functional and comfortable at the same time.

Working in an emergency field as an EMT or fireman means having the need for particular clothing. An amazing EMT jacket is a key piece of equipment that must be give protection in many different instances. A fire polo shirt must keep a fireman well styled when not in the action of fighting a fire. Quality clothing will last a long time and keep a person safe.

The Coldest Weather Calls for All Weather Gear

Tourists often flock to the coldest places on earth to see the amazing wildlife and in hopes of seeing a glacier calving. One of the places that many visitors flock to is Antarctica, and if you are taking kids to this icy wonderland, they will want to make sure and wear their down jacket for kids. The best time to visit Antarctica is from November to March when temperatures average 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Many tourists choose to visit this region each year on cruise ships leaving from New Zealand and South America. If visitors wanted to visit the actual South Pole, however, they could expect temperatures a lot colder as the average daytime high from November to March is -18 degrees. At the South Pole, however, very little snow falls as the pole gets less than one fifth inch per year.

The city of Barrow, Alaska, is another one of the coldest spots on earth. The good news for those who do not like to be cold is that the average high in July is 47 degrees Fahrenheit, however, the average high in February is a negative eight degrees. The wettest month is August so men better have their amazing mens raincoats ready. Just over 4,200 people choose to live in Barrow, the northernmost city in the United States. A little over five percent of the population lives this far north. All will need great winter gear as the weather will freeze people in seconds with normal coats.

The coldest city in the continental United States may be International Falls, Minnesota. In the middle of January temperatures drop to an average daytime high of four degrees. These brave souls love to party even in January when they hold their annual Icebox Days Festival, including frozen-turkey bowling a five kilometer race, a 10 kilometer race and other fun activities.

Economical wardrobe cabinet for kids

I have two teeners at home and both of them are still sharing a cabinet. I know that in the coming days they need separate rooms even separate cabinets to hold their clothes and other stuff. I’m looking for wardrobe/storage cabinets for sale around the area. I actually found one several weeks ago, but still waiting for the mall-wide sale to get the cabinet at much more lower price. With separate cabinets, my kids will learn to arrange their own clothes properly. (image not mine)