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College Dorm Bedding & Beyond

For many young adults, the move to college is the first time they will have spent an extended period away from the safety of home and the comfort of their own bedroom. A college or university dorm should be a safe and comfortable haven where they can focus on their studies, rest, relax and emerge refreshed and ready for whatever each new day brings.

To help facilitate the best possible experience it’s a good idea to carefully review any checklists provided by the school to be clear on what is and is not provided along with what sorts of things might be restricted or prohibited. It’s also important to fully understand the dormitory layout – some older dorms still feature a bathroom down the hall while new dorms tend to be laid out like a series of small apartments, each with a common living area, shared bath and kitchen. The requirements vary greatly and will have a lot to do with sorting out what is and is not needed.

Roommates are another factor – it’s good to coordinate as much as possible in advance of arrival to agree on general décor and avoid duplication of efforts and equipment. One roommate may envision a coordinated suite with luxury bath and bedding items worthy of a home decor magazine spread while another may be prepared for something far more basic; it’s best to get on the same page before you get to the school.

A good way to work is with digital checklists which lend themselves easily to email and social media – this makes it easy for parents and kids to weigh in and collaborate on outfitting any dorm room.

Second hand books

When I was in college I rarely buy books. The school doesn’t require students to buy brand new books, so students rely on photocopying and buying secondhand textbooks. For the hard to find books, I visit the library to do my research especially if the subjects require a lot of readings. I would photocopy the materials so I can study them at home. For some of my major subjects, I see to it to buy secondhand books if the brand new ones are expensive. Together with my classmates, we would visit some bookstores in Manila to look for used textbooks.

These days, study and reference materials are more accessible online. One can easily check out online resources for used Beck’s Books. By using secondhand textbooks we are reducing our carbon footprints.

School supplies for school year 2013-2014

It’s school season in less than a month in the Philippines. For my fellow mommies, have you enrolled your kids? Or started shopping for school supplies and school uniforms? Me, I have enrolled the kids last month but haven’t shopped for school supplies yet. I will be picking up my daughter’s uniform next week. The uniforms are given for free to students who were given scholarship this school year. My son, on the other hand, will be using his old uniform. It needs some minor repair but still looks okay. As for their bags, I might look for jordan bags for my daughter and a sports bag my son this week. I’m still waiting to get paid by my favorite blogging network before we can shop for school supplies.