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A blast from the past

One of my fellow participants at the 14th Lopez Jaena Workshop sent this email to our thread at Yahoo (I’m not sure if the thread is still active) sometime ago. The email showed how the children of the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s or even early 80′s survive childhood. I wonder how the children of today’s generation fare compared with my generation (I belong to the 70s era, by the way). Enjoy reading! 🙂

1. When we were growing up we never wore seatbelts in the car, cars didn’t have airbags…

2. Riding on the back of a pick up truck was an adventure that we still remember!

3. Our cribs were painted with bright colors (paint which was full of lead)

4. We didn’t have childproof medicine bottles, nor did our parents ever childproof our house

5. When we rode our bikes we never wore a helmet.

6. We would drink water from the faucet or from a hose in the backyard (not bottled water).

7. We didn’t have cell phones, so our parents were never able to reach us (awesome).

8. We would get scrapes, bruises, brake bones, lose teeth, but we would never sue for these accidents.

9. We would eat cake, bread and butter, drink sugary drinks, and we weren’t overweight because we were always outside playing

10. Four of us would share a drink, we would all drink from the same bottle and that wasn’t gross nor would anyone get sick.

11. We didn’t have Playstations, X boxes, video games, cable TV with over 100 channels, VCR’s , surround sound, cellular phones, computers, online chatrooms, instead we would have tons of FRIENDS.

12. Some of us weren’t as bright as others but when one would get left back that was no big deal. They would not get taken to a psychologist, nor did they ever suffer from dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD, ADD, etc, they would simply repeat the grade until they passed.

13. We had freedom, mishaps, successes, responsibilities, and we would learn to deal with them. The question is…How did we survive? and above all, to become the GREAT people that we are today? Are you from one of these generations

If you are, then share this message to others from your same generation or to others who are younger so that they can see how we survived

They will probably say that we were very boring, but I believe that were we VERY HAPPY CHILDREN! 🙂

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Having a Fire Alarm

There are instances when people do not know how important having a fire alarm is. There are times when fires could have been avoided if people were alerted about a problem beforehand. It seems that a lot of people do not think that having SD fire alarms is important but would you have to wait for when it is already too late to purchase a fire alarm before you actually do?

fire alarm

One of the things that people reason out when they do not want to purchase a fire alarm at is they think that it is a waste of money. If you think that the fire alarms that you have seen so far are expensive, you should remember that there are a lot of products to choose from. You might be looking at the wrong place. Some fire alarms are affordable and will not hurt your pocket at all. Here are other reasons that people give on why they do not purchase fire safety items:

  • They Do Not See The Need For It – It is true that you would not want to wish fire on anyone but unless you are protected, you can never tell. Why not just purchase fire safety items that can protect you if ever something goes wrong?
  • It is hard to Assemble – It is true that some fire safety devices will tend to be a bit complicated. Even thinking about where you would place it can be a bit hard. What you can do if you think the design is already too complicated for you is to hire a professional to do the installation for you.
  • The Products are All the Same – This is not true at all. From fire alarms to safety signs and smoke detectors, the numbers of items that are available are abundant. It is all about choosing which item will fit your home the best.

If the reasons mentioned above were your reasons in the past why you did not want to purchase anything that has something to do with fire safety, now is the time to rethink your plans. You can never tell but it may save you later on.

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Digital TV Guide Tips

One of the things that people like right now is digital TV. You have to admit that there is nothing like watching all of your favorite shows right at your own home. A digital tv guide can help people become more informed about the channels that they are about to get. The available channels on digital TV can be very exciting everybody. A lot of offers right now regarding digital TV are usually made for the whole family. There are some channels that are for kids, some that will be more appreciated by teens and then there are those that will be liked by people of all ages.

digital tv guide

Probably because of all the digital TV guide and offers that are being shown and are being advertised, there are some people who do not know, which digital TV offer they will sign up for. Here are some tips that you can remember to make things easier for you:

  • Do not sign up for the very first TV guide that you will see. It is likely that there are a lot that are being offered locally. Check out the different offers first and choose the one which you think will fit your household the best.
  • The prices of digital TV can differ for a reason. There are some that can be expensive but the reason why it is expensive is because it can offer you channels that you will never find anywhere else. If you are tempted to sign up for this, think if you would really want to have those channels, if you are not sure, you probably should not sign up for this offer.
  • Research about the signal of digital TV. What is the purpose of having a lot of channels when you cannot even view them clearly? Check this thoroughly first and research so that you are sure that you are making the right choice.

With all the tips mentioned above, it will be easier to find the right digital TV channels that you will equip on your television. Research is always the key so do not forget to do this first before signing up for anything.

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