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What long weekend means to me

People are so excited about the long weekend which starts today. Workers and students have an additional day of rest because it’s barangay elections on Monday. But why I am not excited about long-weekends? First, I would still get up in the morning maybe an hour late in bed. But the “long weekend” is not an excuse for a mom like me to miss the chores I do on ordinary days. Okay, I’m not working all day. I still have my ‘me-time’ which is like what I’m enjoying right now, pounding on the keyboard keys as if there’s no tomorrow. Given a few more minutes before preparing breakfast, I still have time to check on this website that sells wholesale costume jewelry. I may try one of those cute necklaces to improve myself. Moms should still look presentable even if they are just going to the nearest mall to buy something or pay bills. Hah, this long weekend! How about you, do you have special plans from today till Monday?

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Detox: An important part of drug rehabilitation process

Drug treatment includes detoxification or the removal of toxic substances into the patient’s system. There are several types of drug detox. One of which is fast opiate detox. It is during this process (detoxification) that patients need the full support of their families and friends; the medical staff and their own peers inside the rehab to recover and eventually send back to mainstream to lead a normal life. But this is after an extended psychological counseling to treat the mental aspect of addiction.

Drug addiction is truly a menace and it’s everybody’s concern to do something to curb if not eradicate the problem. Parents with young children should be vigilant all the time. If you are a parent like me, try to be your children’s confidant. Win their trust not to nose around but guide them in every way you can. Try to explain the things that you want your children to avoid or quit doing for their own good. Parents should know the people their kids are dealing with. And most importantly, listen to your kids.

For kids out there, it always pays to heed your mom’s advice. She may not be perfect, but mom’s intuition will always keep you away from trouble.

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Importance of Good Communication Line During Elections

Do you want to stay up to date with the coming elections? There is a better way to keep you well informed on all happenings during elections. You can keep your phone lines open affordably by simply using the sky phone and broadband deals package now available.

You all know about sky broadband. Now think of a situation where you can access broadband services and home phone packages at very affordable or pocket friendly prices. That is a great deal right? So what is stopping you from getting started? Actually nothing, if you know what I already know, that it is a smart deal that is not good to bypass, then you will be looking for the link to use to get your deals right now.

Actually, you can use the link provided here to lead you straight to the page where you will subscribe and start enjoying affordable broadband and phone services. Sky is one of the biggest and well established companies in the word of communication. Just getting their hot deals will save you a lot in monthly expenses. That money that you would have otherwise spent can be diverted elsewhere where it is also needed most.

One thing though that you should be wary of, is ensuring that you get the deals as fast as possible before the offer closes. This is because if the offer closes before you get your deals, you will be at a loss of having to pay expensively to use sky broadband services when you simply needed to get the deals and pay much less for the same.


This is the best opportunity to use your sky broadband because the coming elections will really leave many people eagerly waiting for the outcome of the elections. The anxiety and huge internet traffic is something you do not want to miss on. You will get an opportunity to send your funny election pictures, chat with your friends or even share your experiences with friends all thanks to the sky broadband services. Get yours today by simply following the link. You can be rest assured that these deals will really do you a lot of good.

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