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Music teacher

I’ve known Ate Joy from the church I used to attend to. She was our choir mentor. She was soft spoken and many of the young people at the church liked her. Ate Joy was one of the reasons I was encouraged to join the choir. She’s so patient with students. She’s the type of person who would spend her own money to improve the church choir. She encouraged everyone to sing for the Sunday Service. I haven’t heard from Ate Joy since the late 1980s. She has her own family now and probably living in the US. One thing I’m sure about Ate Joy is that she will remain committed to her faith.

Important Things to Remember When Buying Your First Car


Buying your first car can be an exciting thing especially those who are still young. There are some questions that you would need to ask yourself though:

  • Should you buy brand new or second hand? Some would prefer brand new because the car is in excellent shape when they get it but for people who are still not experts when it comes to driving, second hand vehicles may be better especially because you do not have to fret so much if you accidentally bump lamp posts and such.
  • Does the color matter? For a lot of people, the color matters a lot. People have different preferences when it comes to car colors.
  • What brand are you going to purchase? Remember that depending on your location, certain car parts will be harder to get than others. It is more advisable to purchase brands that have spare parts available in case something goes wrong with your car.

Purchasing your first car can be a dream and as long as you maintain it, it will also serve you well.

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