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Finding The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you’ll need a criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the tricky legal process that follows. Even if you don’t require their representation in court, you’ll still want their advice when it comes to things like sentencing, appeals, plea bargains, et cetera.

So how do you choose a good defense attorney? While there are many factors that go into a well-rounded decision, here are a few simple ways to make a shortlist.

Look At Their History

How many cases have they won? How many were settled without jail time? You don’t actually want someone who’s never lost a case; while that may sound nice and impressive, the truth is that they probably don’t accept anything but low-risk litigation. If something goes wrong with your case, they won’t be prepared to handle it.

Talk to Previous Clients

How do they treat their clients? Do they presume innocence or guilt? Do they treat you with respect despite the crimes of which you’ve been accused? Only previous clients will be able to tell you the truth, so don’t be afraid to ask around for opinions and testimonials. You can also check sites like for references.

Seek A Consultation

Don’t ever decide on a lawyer without speaking to them first. No matter how sleek and professional their ads, you can’t truly know them until you’ve sat down and listened to their dissection of your case. It’s your future on the line, so make sure you’re giving it to someone who won’t fumble.

Couponing – Why Some People Abuse It

If seems that there are a lot of people who do not seem to realize how couponing can help them save money. All over the world, people are saying that they are spending too much on the needs while their income is not getting higher. The economy of the world in general is unpredictable and there are also some who are experiencing financial problems because of the lack of employment opportunities.


If you are not too sure how you can get coupons, you can always search for newspapers that have them. There is always a section that you can cut and use the next time that you do your grocery shopping. If you are not contented with what you can get from the newspapers, you also have the option to check out some sites. Do remember though that there is a limit to the number of coupons that you can get.

This does not seem to be a hindrance to people who get by with the use of coupons though. There are stories of some people who have already been helped by all of their friends and family members to get as much coupons as they want. While it can be a huge problem for the cashier at the supermarket, it can save people a lot of money. There are even instances when people were able to get a thousand dollars’ worth of supplies for under a hundred dollars.

The power of couponing has made it easy for some people to abuse them although it has also managed to save the lives of some people who would have to live with their current income which is not enough for them to feed their families. Some are able to stock up on things that will last them for years. Couponing also takes a lot of hard work and it is not as easy as what people would probably portray on television. Coupons can be good but we should also make sure not to abuse them because too much of everything is always not good.

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Our favorite park

Eco Park’s picnic huts

I considered Eco Park to be one of the family’s favorite places to visit. There are two reasons why we love Eco Park. First, Eco Park is accessible. It is just a tricycle and jeep ride away. Second, it’s economical. We don’t need to spend so much to enjoy the amenities inside the park. We could bring packed lunches and logo water bottles and have our lunch in one of the picnic huts inside the park.

Eco Park is the place to be for family gatherings, picnics or plain nature tripping. Some students gather in the place to hold school activities like drama rehearsals. The place is also perfect for professionals and would-be photographers to shoot nature-related subjects.

Eco Park is located at the La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City.