Monthly Archives: September 2014

Change drawers

drawer slide

Is it time to change your drawers? If you are thinking of replacing your drawers, you might want to check drawer and drawer slides for sale. You can choose from the selection of modern and vintage designs. An online shop provides different sizes of slides for drawers. Check out the link for drawer guides here to see if they have one that fits your needs and budget.

Children’s delight

It’s gift giving season once again. Do you make your own gift list for kids or just randomly shop for cute items at the mall. While toys are always a part of your Christmas shopping list every year just remember to be wary of the toys you pick from the store shelf. Experts have warned that some toys may contain lead-based paints which are harmful to health. Only lead test kits can verify the presence of lead in toys.

On choosing musical instruments as gifts, make sure to pick the ones that are easy to play since the receiver would be kids.

Protection against common ailments

When my kids were a lot younger, the slightest rash or bruise they acquire worries me so much. I tried protecting them from insect bites by applying generous amount of mosquito repellent on their skin. There were times I tried closing all our windows even at daytime to prevent smoke emitted by vehicles from entering the house. Even if my kids have been vaccinated against measles, chicken pox and flu, they still get the virus somehow. No matter what I do, I can’t shield my children from getting sick. What I did was to make their young body nourished with the right amount of food including rice, fish, meat, variety of vegetable, bread and milk, fruits in season, and vitamins to boost their natural resistance against common ailments. Also, I instill in them the value of personal hygiene like the frequent and proper hand washing.