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Sticky issues

These are some of the political, health and social issues that happened last week as interpreted in the following editorial cartoons (by N) published by People’s Tonight.

edit cartoon 2-13-15

edit cartoon 2-15-15

edit cartoon 2-16-15


edit cartoon 2-19-15

edit cartoon 2-20-15

The last editorial cartoon depicts sticky issues on the Bangsamoro Law. I am pro-PEACE but important things should be decided thoroughly by the concerned groups for the “benefit” of all.

Credits to N and People’s Tonight for the images.

Editorial cartoons

N’s take on some social issues related to the Papal visit (a super late post indeed).

The first editorial cartoon editorial cartoon depicts the “luneta-mass-aftermath”. Pilgrims left behind 100 tons of garbage after the papal mass.

Second cartoon shows the kids enjoying a rare swimming treat from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The DSWD treated several street dwellers to an outing cum seminar during the five-day Papal visit. But some insist the treat was actually meant to hide the street children and their families from the areas where the Pope will traverse.

edit cartoon 1-21-15

edit cartoon 1-24-15

Both editorial cartoons appeared in People’s Tonight.