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Acne as symptom of a long-term skin disease

I’ve seen people with acne but not as bad as the image below. The skin condition is called Rosacea. It is a long-term disease that affects the face and sometimes the eye area. It is characterized by redness and pimples. Women and fair skinned individuals are likely to develop it.

A known entertainment writer and columnist had untreated Rosacea before she suffered from full-blown rhinophyma that caused her nose to grow big. But I read from an online publication that she already underwent an operation.

Until now health experts are not sure what causes Rosacea. But a person is predisposed to the skin condition if a relative has it. Rosacea is not life-threatening and can be cured with medicine including rosacea natural treatment and surgery.

Aside from acne, other symptoms are flushing or frequent redness of the face; small, red lines under the skin; swollen nose; thick skin in the forehead, chin and cheeks; red, dry, itchy eyes and sometimes blurry vision.

Info taken from National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

Health hazards of sitting too much


Is it true that our behind helps us live longer? Don’t laugh because experts say it’s true. Health experts said that people who sit less and stand more have better health compared to individuals who spend more time sitting. People who sit longer are said to be sickly and have higher risk of dying. If sitting beyond three hours is unavoidable, you should at least take a few minutes break, walk or exercise for a while before going back to work.

I know and can relate to a lot of work at home mommies here. We have a lot in our plate, but there are familiar household chores which we can do to avoid sitting the whole day. How about moving furniture or scrubbing floors; raking leaves, gardening, and mowing the lawn; washing the car, cleaning windows, vacuuming, washing the dishes and doing laundry. You should squeeze in walking as supplement exercise to strengthen the heart.

If you are into dancing you can turn on the radio and amplify it with an ae2500  to keep your “butt” away from your seat for a while.

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Disadvantages of Internet and video games to kids

Kids nowadays prefer to spend so much time playing games online than play with toys or the traditional games such as hide and seek or tag game. You rarely see them running or play around in the neighborhood even on weekends. You can find them loitering in Internet shops or are hook on video games at home. Internet and video games are suppose to provide entertainment, music affiliate, and relaxation to kids as an after-school activity. However, they give more time to virtual games than attending their classes or finish their homework. Addiction is apparent when they start to miss regular meals, neglect personal hygiene (like take a shower or brush their teeth) or skip school just to play video or Internet games.  Image source: Internet