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Reasons to Record Legal Meetings on Video

There may come time in your life where you become involved in a legal situation. You might be suing somebody or you could be in the process of being sued by someone else. You might also be in the process of having your future wife sign a prenuptial agreement. There is also the possibility that you could be going through a divorce. Whatever the case may be, it is essential that the entire legal process be recorded on video. There are many companies you can hire that do this type of work professionally. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should strongly consider investing in this service.

1. They are better than paper records

Keeping notes about legal meetings on paper is bad for a few reasons. First of all, you are not being friendly to the environment by using all of that paper. Also, it is much harder to sift through paper records than it would be to skim through a video of the meeting that has the appropriate time stamps to designate all of the important parts. An entire meeting that is several hours long can fit on a tiny thumb drive. Paper notes of the same meeting would be much more difficult to carry around and keep track of.

2. Proof of what was said

There can always be some doubt regarding what was said at a legal meeting if no video recording of it exists. However, a video will reveal everything that went on. You will also be able to hear the context of certain conversations and the reactions that people in the room had to the things that were said. Hiring a company that performs legal videography Phoenix AZ is an example of a way to document your legal meeting accurately.

3. It can be played in court

There are certain cases when it might become necessary for a video of a legal meeting to be played in court in front of a judge or jury. For example, a woman could claim that she did not understand the prenuptial agreement she signed. The video of her signing the agreement could show the judge and jury that all of the ramifications of the agreement were carefully explained to the woman and she understood everything. Video is a powerful tool that can literally help you to win a case.

Getting the Documents That Are Needed for a Smooth Divorce

Most people do not enter into their marriage thinking that they’re going to get a divorce. They enter into their marriage thinking that they are starting an arrangement that is going to last them for the rest of their lives. Many people get married only after the have taken the time to get to know the individual who they are going to marry. They discuss important issues like financial issues, family, and future goals. Only then do they make that decision to join the lives together through the ceremony of marriage.

Unfortunately, as statistics bear out, more than 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce. While most divorces do not catch the partners off guard, it can still be that the individuals involved in the divorce are not as prepared for the complicated legal and emotional challenges they are going to face.

Part of these legal and emotional challenges stem from the fact that when two people get married, they are basically taking both of their lives and melding them into one. This means that the financial obligations of one individual are now the financial obligations of another. Property is usually jointly owned. If the marriage results in children, both parents have an equal legal right to raise and care for the children after the divorce.

By the time frustrations reach the point where a marriage is dissolved in divorce, both partners are avoiding each other, they barely talk to each other, and communication has become so strained that it is difficult to come to a consensus on anything. In this environment it is very difficult to gather all of the necessary legal documents that are needed to properly file for divorce.

Of course, this is the reason why most divorcing individuals seek the assistance of a divorce attorney. They will usually pick an attorney who practices in the state where they live. This is because a Texas divorce attorney is going to be a lot more familiar with divorce papers TX than an attorney from Minnesota.

The sooner that one can get an attorney, the better the outcome will be. Collecting all the documents needed for the divorce, as well as filling out any forms that are required by the judicial system, is time-consuming and can be frustrating.

Most people do not get married planning for divorce. However, when it is clear that a divorce is inevitable, it is wise for both parties to take steps to gather the needed documents to make the divorce process go as smoothly as possible.

The Benefit of Eyewitnesses and Expert Witnesses

The importance of eyewitness testimony cannot to be overstated. Eyewitness testimony has the ability to impact the minds and heart of the jury in a way that no other form of testimony can. Eyewitness testimony is so important that the need for eyewitnesses to a crime is part of almost every single law code that mankind has received starting with the Mosaic law code and then going through Roman law. It is also an important part of modern day law.

When an eyewitness tells a story to a jury, the emotion that they express as they talk to the jury comes across and can negatively or positively affect the outcome of a case. The story of an eyewitness is proof in the minds of many that a particular event occurred. In the case of criminal court, an eyewitness may help a jury determine who is responsible for a particular crime.

While there have been a lot of studies done to show that eyewitnesses are far from infallible in their testimony, as a general rule, eyewitness testimony, especially if it is gathered in the moments after an event occurred, is reliable. There may be some fluctuation in the details that are remembered by different people who saw the same event, but in most cases the overall story that is given is reliable. Even when an eyewitness is not called on to testify in court, the information they provide can serve as a way to help law enforcement officials decide which course to take as they attempt to pursue or to resolve an issue.

Eyewitness testimony is an important way to establish the order in which events happen. This is important when dealing with a jury because the only way that a jury is going to understand what happened is by first understanding how it happened. When an eyewitness explains an event, they can help other people understand the background information of how an incident played out.

This background information and sequential information provided by eyewitnesses serves as a way to establish the motive behind why a person did something. Once the motive behind someone’s actions is understood, then other aspects of the case can be solidified.

Expert witness services are another tool that lawyers can use when attempting to prove their case. Unlike eyewitnesses who merely saw an event take place, expert witnesses have the training and experience dealing with a particular subject, and they can present that subject to a jury in a clear and concise way. A good expert witness can add to the legitimacy of a case and sway the opinion of the jury.