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Complete List of Public Holidays (and Long Weekends) in the Philippines for 2018

1 Jan – Mon – New Year’s Day
16 Feb – Fri – Chinese New Year
25 Feb – Sun – EDSA Revolution Anniversary
29 Mar – Thu – Maundy Thursday
30 Mar – Fri – Good Friday
31 Mar – Sat – Black Saturday
9 Apr – Mon – Day of Valor
1 May – Tue – Labor Day
12 Jun – Tue – Independence Day
15 Jun – Fri – Eidul Fitr
21 Aug – Tue – Eidul Adha
21 Aug – Tue – Ninoy Aquino Day
27 Aug – Mon – National Heroes Day
1 Nov – Thu – All Saints’ Day
2 Nov – Fri – All Saints’ Day Holiday
30 Nov – Fri – Bonifacio Day
24 Dec – Mon – Christmas Holiday
25 Dec – Tue – Christmas Day
30 Dec – Sun – Rizal Day
31 Dec – Mon – New Year’s Eve

The long weekends include the four-day Lenten break from March 29 (Maundy Thursday) to April 1 (Easter Sunday). Black Saturday (March 31) has been traditionally declared as special non-working day all throughout the country, in observance of Holy Week.

Another long weekends will be during the All Saints’ Day (November 1), All Souls’ Day (November 2) and Christmas Day (December 25) as President Duterte declared November 2 and December 24 as special non-working holidays.

President Duterte signed Proclamation 269, listing the regular holidays and special non-working days for 2018.

Looking for math-free careers

I’ve read this from Yahoo months (?) ago. Just in case you were looking or preparing for math-free careers, here they are.

Paralegal – helps lawyers prepare for cases through conducting research on laws and regulations, writing reports, and digging up facts.

Public Relations Specialist – you’d use communications – such as writing press releases and drafting speeches – to promote a positive image of an organization,

Graphic Designer – create the layout for different types of materials, such as brochures, corporate reports, or advertisements. Your work could involve using design software to communicate ideas that capture consumers’ attention.

Dental Assistant – they typically help dentists clean teeth, process x-rays, sterilize equipment, and keep records of dental treatments.

Police Officer – spend their time patrolling assigned areas, conducting traffic stops, and enforcing the law.

This doesn’t include a career in music, which we all know involves, mathematics. However, if you are involved in selling Guitar Center, krk rokit as promo officer, the job (I think) doesn’t require you to deal with numbers. The store cashier will take care of the computation for you.