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Bored at Work? Here’s 3 Career Changes to Consider

Are you tired of the same old 9-5 job? Do the days blend together leaving you feeling numb, uninspired or restless? It doesn’t have to be that way. Career happiness is possible, you just need to work hard for it. Read on for three exciting and rewarding careers that might be a good fit for you. 

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1.) Real Estate Agent 

Are you good with people? Do you enjoy learning, networking, problem solving and being on the go? Becoming a real estate agent could be your calling… you just need to commit and make it happen. Fortunately, you have the ability to do this online by taking a real estate licensing course Waltham on your own schedule — perfect for fitting into your already busy life. 

2.) Consultant

Is there something you’re really good at? Maybe you’re a graphic design whiz, or maybe you’re a personnel management ninja. Consider going off on your own and becoming a consultant. Marketing yourself to companies in need of your expertise will take some work but with persistence and the right tactics, you could experience major success. 

3.) Nursing

If you love taking care of others and want to learn a lot while doing it, nursing might be what you’re looking for. Yes, you’ll need to work some serious schooling into your life — but it can certainly be done with hard work and dedication. There are many programs to choose from, but pay attention to the prerequisites for each — they’re all different. 

If you’re unfulfilled or unhappy in your current career, just remember that you do have many options to change that. By continuing your education or promoting your abilities, you have the ability to really improve your life. Have confidence and find the drive you need to put yourself out there — it’s so worth it. 

Purchasing Your First Home

If you think you are ready to purchase a home for the first time, it can be very exciting. If you are the kind of person who likes to do things yourself, you may be tempted to find a home that is being sold by the owner rather than through a real estate agency. Here are some things to think about when buying a home.

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Do You Need an Agent?

When you go house hunting, there are lots of reasons people work with a real estate agent. Even though you have to pay the agent a commission, there are certain benefits that may outweigh the costs. If you give a detailed list of what you are looking for to the agent, he or she can help to narrow down the available homes that fit your criteria.

It can be challenging to simply drive around town looking for homes that are for sale and hoping to find one that meets your needs. An agent usually has access to home listings in your area and can quickly pull up the specifics on each location, including the listing price. Working with a local agent, especially if you are from outside the area, can also give you solid intel on things like schools and shopping.

Do You Need an Attorney

While only a few states require an attorney for real estate transactions, hiring a real estate lawyer Ashburn VA can save you grief in the long run. Your lawyer can help you as you work through the lengthy documents before you sign them and can help if you end up with a dispute. The attorney can make sure that the contract meets requirements in your state. He or she can also help you know what to do if the title search comes up with a lien or other problem.

Purchasing a home is likely to be stressful, but much of the anxiety can be relieved if you work with professionals. Working with an agent and an attorney can help you get what you want and know what you’re getting.

Dividing Assets Without Dividing the Family

You’re tending to your estate, and it’s time to decide how you want to divide your assets among your adult children. Rather than an even split, you feel it’s best to divide your assets according to need. The last thing you want to do is upset your kids when they learn some of them may get more than their siblings. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain peace in the family while taking care of your kids after you’re gone. 

Decide Why Unequal Inheritances Work Best 

Is one of your adult children doing better financially than the others? Perhaps you have a special needs son or daughter who cannot work. These are common reasons for unequal inheritance. Once you pinpoint your reasons, note them in your estate planning documents, which may require the help of a professional who specializes in probate law austin. You want your children to know exactly why you divided your assets the way you did, so there’s less chance of them arguing with each other. 

Consider a Special Needs Trust 

If you have a special needs child, consider setting up a special needs trust for him or her. What’s unique about this trust is that you can leave assets to your son or daughter without endangering her or his eligibility for financial assistance, such as Social Security. 

Per Capita vs. Per Stirpes

Ask your legal adviser about per capita and per stirpes estate distribution. With per capita, you give your heirs equal portions of your estate. Something to be aware of with this option is that should one of your adult children pass before you, her or his portion of your estate goes toward your surviving children. Per stirpes allocates an equal portion of your estate to every branch of the family tree. That exact portion trickles down to grandchildren if an adult child passes before you.

Talk to your children and a legal professional about navigating asset division. A single conversation can avoid a lot of confusion and frustration.