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3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one are in need of a bail bond, it can be tough to see any light at the end of the tunnel. However, acquiring a bond can make the process a bit easier for everyone involved. Here are three of the lesser known benefits of using a bail bond

Bonds Save You Time

Consider not only how expensive it would be, but also how long it may take you to raise the full bail amount to pay your bail bondsman Bedford OH. Full cash bail requires 100% of the payment before the defendant can be released from jail, so unless you are swimming in cash, the defendant may not get out for quite some time without a bond.

Bonds Come With Advice 

More often than not, the bondsman who you hire has been through the process countless times and will be able to offer you advice and guidance. He should be willing and able to assist with any questions or concerns, since it hurts him as well as you if you do not adhere to the guidelines set at your bail hearing. Further, he should be able to help you understand exactly what is required of you until your trial date.

A Bondsman is Your Confidant

A bondsman understands the importance of confidentiality, so you can feel free to (and definitely should) divulge all of the details of your case to him so he can see the full picture. Oftentimes, your bondsman can look further into your case and find out crucial information regarding hearing dates and a summary of charges, so you should absolutely hire someone who you trust completely. 

A bail bond agent can make the process of getting out of jail much easier for everyone involved. Consider these benefits should you ever need legal assistance.  

How To Update Your Fall Wardrobe Without Blowing Your Budget

The change of seasons means that winter clothes are starting to come out of storage. Warm, cozy sweaters and jackets are back. That also means it’s time to update your fall wardrobe with the season’s newest trends. Follow these tips to do that without blowing your budget or wracking up a massive credit card bill. 

Photo by Sarah Boudreau on Unsplash

Go Through Your Closets

Start by doing a thorough assessment of what you already have. Chances are you can keep most of your old things and then just add a few more pieces to keep things new and current. This helps you to avoid duplication, which can lead to substantial savings in the long run. It can also be a great way to generate some extra cash. Gather up all your unused items and sell them. List them online or take them to a consignment shop for even more convenience. 

Look for Clothes That Do Double Duty

Instead of buying separate wardrobes for work, play and just hanging out, shop for pieces that can serve more than one purpose. You might be surprised at how clothes can be both fashionable and functional. For example, there are some great concealed carry clothes for winter that can effortlessly go from the office to a night on the town. 

Choose a Universal Color Scheme

Turn to the colors you naturally gravitate toward for inspiration and build an entire wardrobe around the base colors. For example, you might choose a fall palette that has rich browns or olive greens. A deep navy works well for many people, too. Of course, you can always stick with the classic black, which is easy to take in almost any direction with bold and colorful accessories. Not only will this make shopping easier, but it also ensures that virtually everything you buy can be mixed and matched to create nearly endless styles. 

Once you know what you have and what you actually need to buy, make smart choices by sticking with a color scheme and buying clothing that can serve more than one purpose. 

3 Divorce Concerns Involving Children

Many divorces can become a battle of wills, power grabs, or drawn-out mud-slinging dramas. However, when children are involved, the already complicated procedure can quickly become even more complex. With each parent wanting what they believe is right for the child, looking into the future with different viewpoints, and each seeking physical custody, the divorce process can become exacerbated and lengthy. Here are three divorce concerns involving children.

1. Child Custody

There are three types of child custody, although there can be combinations of the three, as well. Legal custody gives a parent the authority to make decisions about critical moments in the child’s life, such as education or religion. Physical custody places the child into the home and under the supervision of one parent while providing visitation rights to the other parent. Joint custody creates an equal guardianship with equal responsibilities and rights over the child for each parent, and often the child moves between homes during the year.

2. Child Support

Child support is frequently a hotly contested amount of money paid by the non-custodial parent for the rearing and benefit of the child. Most people don’t understand that both parents pay to support the needs of the child. One provides food, housing, and clothing, while the other parent pays money toward filling those same needs. If you have questions, your attorney can help you understand any legal child support Yorktown Heights NY concerns you may have.

3. Child Protection

Although rare, there are times when it may not be safe for a child to live with or come into contact with a parent. Should concerns about this type of scenario arise during divorce proceedings, the court will provide protection for the children through investigations or state agency protection. The child’s safety is always the most important part of the legal dealings in divorce cases.

Protecting, supporting, and the custody of children during and after a divorce can make the legal experience more intense. Still, with patience and understanding, your attorney and the court can provide our child with the best possible future.