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Preparing for Gun Competitions

Gun competitions test the participants weapons handling abilities in a number of ways. For example, they test their accuracy and draw speed while moving and running. Therefore, these competitions require specialized equipment and supplies, such as competition holsters, ammunition, specialized clothing and gear.

Photo by Josh Danyliw on Unsplash


Because speed and accuracy are tested during competitions, speed holsters are necessary accessories for competitors. These holsters fit the firearm exactly and allow for easy draw. Most competitors choose holsters made for their specific weapon’s make and model. These holsters will also offer adjustable retention because different events require different retention capabilities. For example, events that require a lot of running may require higher retention, while standing fast-draw competitions require a lower retention level.


Gun competitions require multiple shots for each weapon that is being used. Therefore, participants should have at least 25 rounds for each of their weapons and each state of the competition. Many competitors add extra ammo (15-20% more) in case their shots are off.  


Competition clothing should be breathable and stretch as you run, twist and move around the competition. The fabric should be moisture wicking and snag resistant. Each participant should have a shooting jacket, pants, gloves and belts. They must also have proper shoes. They should have non slip soles with a significant tread pattern. They should tie tightly and allow quick stops and starts. 


First, competitors should have range bags with cleaning kits and lubricating oil. A range bag may also hold quick snacks and water or Gatorade in a small foam cooler to ensure hydration. They may also include safety gear, such as a first aid kit, ear plugs, wrap-around eye protection, a flag and knee and elbow pads.

Some courses have specific requirements, so be sure you check with the competition sponsors prior to packing your gear.

How to Keep Your Farm Well-Maintained

There are several responsibilities you should consider to keep your farm well-maintained. Most livestock duties occur throughout the year, but farming practices change each season due to temperature changes that affect crops and animals. Farmers should follow some basic tips to keep their farm running smoothly.

Photo by Hưng Nguyễn Việt on Unsplash

Keep Livestock Healthy

Livestock animals are useful in the farm ecosystem. Their waste is used as manure which helps fertilize the soil that contain several nutrients, which keeps the land moisten and nourished for weeks. Herbivores such as cattle rely on fertile soil to stay healthy and active. When managing the farmland, it’s important to prevent exposure to disease by quarantining sick animals and nursing them back to health. Regularly checking for unusual symptoms or behaviors is another crucial responsibility.

Check the Fence Line

Keeping a fence around the property keeps your animals safe and helps prevent theft. To prevent farm insurance Kaufman TX claims, you’ll need to take some basic precautions. Monitor the property often to scare off would-be thieves who want to steal your assets. Keep livestock away from the entrance as much as possible so they aren’t in clear visible view. Make sure to take rounds when walking the fence line to check for damages and keep the front gate locked when not in use.

Maintain Farm Property

It’s also crucial to check the barn or stable to see if the inside stalls can support the structure. In many ways, checking your animal’s quarters takes precedence since their lives could be in danger. Hidden predators such as pests can infect your animals and cause disease to spread. Other structural issues, such as a leaking roof, also require your attention.

Experienced farm managers know that each season leaves potential room for improvement as they’re constantly finding ways to keep their budget balanced while adapting to a changing labor market. Reviewing your current goals to achieve long-term success is usually a good idea. 

3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one are in need of a bail bond, it can be tough to see any light at the end of the tunnel. However, acquiring a bond can make the process a bit easier for everyone involved. Here are three of the lesser known benefits of using a bail bond

Bonds Save You Time

Consider not only how expensive it would be, but also how long it may take you to raise the full bail amount to pay your bail bondsman Bedford OH. Full cash bail requires 100% of the payment before the defendant can be released from jail, so unless you are swimming in cash, the defendant may not get out for quite some time without a bond.

Bonds Come With Advice 

More often than not, the bondsman who you hire has been through the process countless times and will be able to offer you advice and guidance. He should be willing and able to assist with any questions or concerns, since it hurts him as well as you if you do not adhere to the guidelines set at your bail hearing. Further, he should be able to help you understand exactly what is required of you until your trial date.

A Bondsman is Your Confidant

A bondsman understands the importance of confidentiality, so you can feel free to (and definitely should) divulge all of the details of your case to him so he can see the full picture. Oftentimes, your bondsman can look further into your case and find out crucial information regarding hearing dates and a summary of charges, so you should absolutely hire someone who you trust completely. 

A bail bond agent can make the process of getting out of jail much easier for everyone involved. Consider these benefits should you ever need legal assistance.