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3 Ways To Reduce Liability in Your Restaurant

One of the most important jobs as a restaurant owner is to keep your employees and customers safe from sickness, injury and legal trouble. Several risks come with running a restaurant, like slip and fall accidents and lawsuits regarding certification and licensing. It is your responsibility to reduce liability as much as possible, and thankfully this can be done with proper attention and preparation. This guide includes common liability issues you may face as well as ways to avoid them.

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Proper Alcohol Licensing

If you plan on serving beer, wine and spirits in your restaurant, you will need to acquire all the proper licenses required by your state to do so. If you try to serve alcohol without this certification, you could face serious and costly legal consequences. These standards vary by state, so you should consult a liquor law consultant Texas for help. It can take several months to receive your license, so applying earlier is better.

Food Safety and Allergy Awareness

Maintaining high standards for food safety will help keep your customers safe and encourage them to continue coming to your restaurant. It can also protect customers from foodborne illnesses or allergic reactions. To protect your business, you should secure a liability insurance policy that covers your product- the food you serve. In addition to insurance coverage, educate your kitchen staff in safe food preparation and food allergy awareness.

Accidental Injury

You are at risk of a lawsuit if an employee or customer gets hurt while at your restaurant. You can help prevent common injuries like slips and falls by keeping your floors clean and clear of tripping hazards. You may also consider posting signage around your restaurant to make customers aware of hazards like wet floors and hidden steps. Also, be sure to train your employees to use equipment safely.

You want people to be safe when visiting your business. Use the information here to help you make your restaurant safer for customers and employees alike.

Understanding Tort and Business Law Increases Profit for Small Businesses

Most small business owners are looking for that edge over the competition which will help increase their profitability and market share. As Americans are living in an increasingly litigious society, one way to gain such an edge is to seek legal advice from competent professionals regarding business and tort law. There are several lawyers in Jacksonville FL who can provide the legal advice any business owner, small or large, needs to take his or her enterprise to the next level. 

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What is Tort Law?

The most important area of the law for any business owner is known as tort law. Any time a client or customer feels they have been wronged in a noncriminal way by an individual or business, they have the right to legal redress of their grievances (commonly known as filing a tort).

The most relevant categories of tort law for a business owner are known as strict liability torts and negligent torts. Strict liability torts arise when a product or service inadvertently causes harm to a client or customer. Defective airbags, toxic paint on toys and ineffective car seats are all recent examples of strict liability torts.

The second category of tort — negligent torts — arise due to any negligent action (or inaction) by a business owner, or failure to practice due diligence. In other words, is the business owner doing everything they’re required to in order to keep consumers safe from harm? Disregarding Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, ignoring food safety requirements and the infamous slip and fall lawsuits are all examples of negligent torts.

Business Law Helps Increase Profits

Knowledge is power, and gaining knowledge of business law is a smart idea for any business owner looking to increase profits. Reducing a tax burden, streamlining a workforce and expanding efficiently are all key areas of business law that can help increase profitability. Tax law and business law are very closely related, and using the tax code in your favor can increase your profit margin.

Remember to always seek competent legal advice when undertaking any new business venture.

How To Simplify the Process of Getting Your CDL

Whether you’re just starting out as a new commercial driver or you need to renew your license, the process can be a hassle between obtaining a physical, a medical exam, visiting the DMV, and reporting everything to the right government agencies. Luckily, there are more options than ever to simplify the process of obtaining all of your paperwork so that you can get to work sooner.

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On-Location Testing

The commercial drivers license requirements Palm Beach County don’t have to take up all of your time. Often, your employer can work with a company that will bring the testing to you. A mobile clinic can come to your business and do your physicals, medical exams, and drug screenings so that you don’t have to find a clinic and hope that they’re still open when your shift is over.

Organized Paperwork

While you certainly can choose to go to your regular primary care doctor or an urgent care to get your screenings, the benefit of using a company that comes to your business is that they organize the paperwork and take care of sending the results to the FMCSA and to the DMV once they’ve processed your results. No standing in line for you! You’ll also get copies of your results and they’ll be stored digitally for you. 

Quick Turnaround

Going to a busy local clinic often means that you’ll have to wait a long time to get your results. A company that specializes in assisting drivers with this application process knows that time is of the essence, so you’ll often be able to get your test results sooner.

Obtaining a commercial drivers license doesn’t have to be a challenge. Ask your supervisor about available resources to organize and speed up the process of collecting all of your tests and paperwork so that you can get back on the road.