3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to pay medical bills after an accident. Going through the process alone while you are trying to heal from a car crash, slip-and-fall accident or other personal injury can be frustrating and may result in less compensation.

Have You Sought Medical Attention?

The first thing you should do after an accident is seek medical attention. If you can, take pictures of the injuries, accident and scene. Once you find an Aurora Attorney, you can send these pictures to them as part of your case. It is also important to document the medical attention you receive by keeping any paperwork given to you. The most important part of this step, however, is to get proper medical treatment for your injuries so you can begin to heal properly.

Have You Submitted a Claim?

After being in an accident, it is important to not admit fault either while talking to the other party, police officers and medical professionals or while filing a claim. Anything you say after the incident can be used in your case and admitting fault can limit your compensation. This is especially true when dealing with insurance companies because they are invested in reducing their liability and spending as little as possible resolving claims. You can wait until after you hire an attorney to file a claim, but there may be time limitations, so it is important to act quickly. Once you have a lawyer, you can direct any related calls to him or her and avoid saying something which reduces the liability on the other party.

Have You Researched Firms?

A quick internet search will bring up dozens of firms in your area which practice personal injury law and you will have to narrow this down to one you have confidence in. The easiest way to do this is by reading testimonials and reviews from past clients and comparing both the positive and negative ones to your case. For instance, if a firm has many negative reviews involving slip-and-fall cases, but you were in a car accident, then those reviews may not accurately reflect the help you can expect. Once you have a short list, interview the top candidates and choose one you feel comfortable working with.

Hiring a personal injury attorney for your case can make the process easier to handle while you are trying to recover from an accident. He or she can field any calls from insurance companies and make sure that the paperwork is filed correctly. Before hiring a lawyer, you want to seek medical attention and research firms as well as not admit fault in the claim or to another person.

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