3 Reasons You May Need Probate Help

When someone passes away, the debts and assets they left behind typically become the possession of one or more other individuals. When this occurs, the passing of money and property is generally managed by a special court of law called a probate court. Since this can be a costly and time-consuming process, many people find themselves in need of a probate attorney to help them take probate steps for the distribution of the assets and debts once they are gone. Here are three times to find a probate attorney.

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Avoiding Probate

It has become all too common to hear that a will has been contested after someone has passed away. When this occurs, the costs of probate can skyrocket because experts, assessors, and additional court dates are needed. To avoid the long and arduous problems associated with a legal battle, a probate attorney Beaverton OR can help you take steps to make your final wishes valid and binding. This also helps your heirs avoid a probate battle.

Estate Planning

One way to avoid a long probate process for your heirs is to plan for your death. Although many people think of their estate as property and money, there is often much more involved. Your estate may also include business ownership, annuities, and even your children’s guardianship. You never know what the future holds, so it may be wise to be prepared.

Probate Litigation

Although you may trust your heirs to stand by your wishes after you leave this life, time and again that has proven not to be the case. Some heirs lie to insure they become the only one to inherit, while others may deceive when presenting untruthful paperwork to the court. Money can make people act in ways you could never imagine. That is why it is important to talk to a probate lawyer about your wishes.

Don’t leave your estate in the hands of the government for distribution. Trust a probate lawyer to insure your wishes are fulfilled.

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