4 Things To Do After an Automobile Accident

When an accident happens, adrenaline and emotions can get in the way of making good decisions. By mentally preparing yourself beforehand you may be able to better handle the experience when it happens. 

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Check for Injuries

Personal injuries of yourself, your passengers and the occupants of the other vehicle should be taken care of first. Calling emergency services will connect you with someone who can walk you through how to treat them. 

Even if no one is seriously injured, emergency services should be contacted so the scene can be documented by police as soon as possible.

Ensure Safety

You should never leave the scene of an accident until emergency responders tell you to, but for the safety of yourself and other drivers, you may have to move your vehicle. Remember to turn off the ignition and turn on the blinkers to reduce the risk of further damage. If your car isn’t driveable or you see flames, you should instead keep your distance. 

Don’t apologize, as that can be considered admitting fault. Don’t argue with the other driver, either. Just wait for the police to show up to conduct their investigation.


Make sure you get a copy of the accident report, take pictures of the damage if possible and exchange insurance information with other drivers involved in the accident. Names and contact information of those involved, bystanders and officers responding to the scene should be written down.  

Follow Up

Your insurance may be enough to get you through this situation. But if there was substantial damage or personal injury, or if you do not agree with the police’s accident report, seeking out car accident lawyers in Columbia MD may be your next step.

Report resulting minor injuries to a doctor soon after the accident. A small neck ache might actually be a fracture that is best addressed as soon as possible.

Don’t be ashamed of keeping a list to remind you of these steps. It’s better to have more help than you need than too little.

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