A Little Patience Mom and Dad

I know that it is most disappointing when our children talk back and it sometimes end up in a nasty way that might involve a full-blown argument or worse mom having to dole out punishments to the children. Either way, it is something parents and children alike would want to avoid as much as they can.

The key to dealing with a child that talks back is to practice patience, a whole lot of it! Probably, to help you see the other side of the story, try putting yourself in your childÒ€ℒs shoes. This will make you see an entirely new perspective and will enable you to understand and appreciate your child even better. Of course, it also pays to be a diplomatic mom compared to one who fire up with as much as little provocation. You don’t need to be harsh or stiff like steel cufflinks to your kids.

6 thoughts on “A Little Patience Mom and Dad

  1. mommynuts

    i want to think i have enough patience. being a mom is really a tough job. heads up to all moms!
    btw, congrats for a new header, love love it!

  2. Mylene

    It is really disappointing mommy πŸ™ I think we can allow them to speak for their side in a polite way. Pero kung mas mataas pa ang boses sa atin at tipong nanunubok na ng authority, ibang usapan na yan πŸ˜€ Dapat ng ipakita kung sino ang batas sa bahay hahaha…

  3. Yami Post author

    Naku sis, may pagkakataon sila parati na i-air ang side nila kaso di pa ako tapos mag-lecture, sumasagot na. tumataas ang buhok ko sa ulo. πŸ™

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