Are Women More Likely To Get Car Insurance Than Men?

It has been noted that women get cheaper car insurance than men. They also get car insurance easier than men. Some people have termed this as sexism, an arguable opinion. Most insurance companies tend to trust women more than men where cars are involved for several reasons. This is why it is faster and easier for a woman to find great car insurance quotes. Men are known to pay more for car insurance.

1. Good records
Studies show that women are involved in accidents less often than men. This makes them more trustworthy than men. Some people argue that giving women car insurance cheaper and faster incurs losses to insurance companies. On the contrary, the insurance companies gain a lot from this because they rarely have to chip in for a woman. Studies also show that women are more attentive on the road than men. It is easier for a man to be visually distracted while on the road as opposed to a woman. Men are visual creatures hence once in a while will ogle at women while on the road. This habit has caused grisly accidents on several occasions. Fewer women practise drunken driving as opposed to men. Insurance companies see women as low risk clients, a major advantage for women. Men mostly find themselves in bad driving records because they are daring drivers while women are very careful drivers. More women obey traffic laws as opposed to men. For example, a woman is more likely to fasten her seat belt while a man mostly forgets or ignores it.

2. Less mileage than men
Women rarely use their cars for long journeys. Most of them use their cars for errands. This makes their mileage covered much less compared to men. When a woman has to travel far, she mostly opts for public transport. They tend to fear driving in new places hence only use their cars for errands in familiar places. Insurance companies make it easy for them to get a car insurance policy with attractive quotes because women rarely file for a claim due to mileage.

3. Conservative cars
Men and women have different interests in cars. A woman is conservative with her choice of cars while a man is daring. A woman buys a car that is economical and can at least take her from point A to B. Few women consider speed and complexity of a vehicle. Men on the other hand, tend to love cars with great speed capabilities and beasts on the road. As much as having a very fast car with the most complex capabilities is awesome, maintaining it is very expensive. Unfortunately for men, this is their most preferred vehicles. Repairing a sports car for example, is very expensive. Insurance companies tend to hesitate giving such people a car insurance policy. Women therefore end up getting affordable car insurance quotes faster than men.

As much as women have a better chance of getting car insurance than men, men should not despair. There are other ways of ensuring that one easily gets car insurance other than being female. Maintaining good driving and credit record immensely increases the chances of one getting a good car insurance quote. One can also indirectly pay more for a policy. You should make sure that you pay for the right cover. Sufficient research needs to be done. Some companies tend to have higher premiums than others. Checking online is easier and faster because there are directories which show rates for several companies and their covers. Despite one’s gender, it is crucial to read each company’s terms and conditions in order to know what the full coverage has and the exclusions. Why not get a quote from AXA insurance and see how much you could save.

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