Career path

I always remind my daughter to study hard so she can make it to one of the prestigious state universities in the country. (Thanks to Riz for the inspiration. You know what I’m talking about. And I’m looking forward to receiving more valuable tips from you. 🙂 ). Most parents dream big for their children in terms of course(s) to take in college and a stable career right after college. I’m one of those hopeful parents. However, I’m trying not to pressure my kids (but not to be too lenient)  to excel in everything they do in school because they have limitations too. The only thing that I can do for now is to give them the support that they need to do well.

My daughter plans to take up fine arts in college.  She enjoys drawing very much and she wants to make a career out of it someday. Sometimes I wish she’ll also consider other courses that will lead her to get IT Jobs in the future like her older cousin who is working in a multinational company in Taguig.

My daughter is only 13 and she still has two more years to spend in high school. Her interests could still change, but she is really set on pursuing college education whatever school it may be.

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