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Why You Should Consider Promotional Products For Your Business

There are many options to promote your company and get your message in front of your customers. Promotional products are a unique way to remind your clients of your business and what you do for them. Here are reasons you should invest in these items.

Promotional items

Customers Love Free Things

The promotional products industry has grown over the past years because clients enjoy getting items they can use. While they can throw out paper advertisements, they will hold tight to something that is useful to them. They also note the genuine care you have for them through a gift versus a flier. When you are planning this type of marketing, think of what you would utilize in your professional and personal life such as electronic devices, umbrellas, and household items. Research these ideas and where you would give them away. See if they fit in your budget then place an order for them. If you are unsure if what you have selected will be successful, ask your staff or your family and friends to find out what they would find interesting to receive from your company. 

Choosing the Right Product

Identifying which promotional items will relate to your business will help this marketing be successful. Reach out to an online print designer Sacramento CA to determine what your company logo will look the best on. Compare the objects available with what your company does and consider ones that are similar to what you do. If you have a storefront, a reusable bag might be the best investment. If you build websites or repair computers, a USB stick or mouse pad could be a great idea.  When designing a graphic for a clothing item, come up with more than just your logo. A fun and creative illustration reflecting your business will lead your client to wear it over your logo alone. 

3 Types of Insurance Your Business Needs

Running a business comes with many of the same risks individuals need insurance for, but also adds additional insurance needs unique to business ownership. These are three of the types of business insurance you may need to purchase for your business. 

1. Workers’ Compensation 

If an employee gets injured while performing work for you, their medical bills, lost wages and other injury-related expenses will probably be covered by workers’ compensation laws. Most businesses are required by law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance Maitland FL, but even if it is not required, it is a good idea to have it. Even employees in low-risk work environments, such as offices, can experience slip and fall or repetitive motion injures that your business may be liable for. 

2. Property 

Whether you own your buildings or lease them, you will need property insurance to protect you from property damage caused by fires, storms, water, theft and other perils. While some types of water damage are covered by standard property insurance, flooding caused by hurricanes and other storms usually is not. You may need a separate flood policy if you are located in a high-risk area. Other perils, such as earthquakes, may also be excluded. If you are at a high-risk for excluded perils, you may need to seek specialty insurance for those risks.

3. Commercial Auto

Businesses are usually liable for damage caused by their employees when operating company vehicles while working. Additionally, you may wish to purchase comprehensive coverage that will cover damage done to your vehicles in an accident. Employees who drive their own vehicles are usually covered by their own insurance; however, you may need to purchase coverage for employees who use their own vehicles to deliver goods or services. 

Accidents and disasters can create substantial financial risks for business owners. These three types of insurance can help protect you against these risks. 

3 Reasons To File for a Patent

Creating something is special. It’s a personal idea brought to reality. The light bulb that went off doesn’t belong to anyone else. That spark is a chance to grow and prosper from ingenuity, time and effort. That shouldn’t be taken too lightly. People lock up valuables in a safe. Inventors should take care to protect the concept and product too. By working with a patent attorney Plano TX to file the right paperwork, creators could obtain the following three benefits.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

1. Narrow the Competition

The market is fierce. Companies constantly seek ways to beat out each other, upping revenue and taking out the competitors. There is no love or humbleness in business. Merchandise that stands out as new, more efficient or superior is likely to squeeze out those in the field. The patent keeps others from acquiring the same edge, leaving your idea to stand out longer. Without it, the concept may spread faster, making the newness obsolete.

2. Increase the Profit Margin

Supply and demand is real. When no other venue has the same feature or quality, the supplier can raise the price. The higher it goes, the more profit is gained. The patent’s ability to ward off competition, then, permits you to charge more for your creation.

3. Protect Your Property

Places may be cutthroat. If you pitch your product to investors, they can choose to give you money or not. If they walk away and you have no patent, then those very people might be able to take the same capital to then run with the idea, owing you nothing. The patent prevents this from happening.

Obtaining a patent is a security measure. Trust yourself, and be proud of what you’ve made. That means taking extra measures to keep it yours. Work with professionals to get the most out of your hard work and maintain the rights to your ideas.