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3 Ways To Become a Better Boss

The boss really is the heart of a business. As the driving force, this person establishes the tone for the work area as well as the production rate. Therefore, when something is off with the leader, the environment could flounder, leading to less output. You may see high turnover or lackadaisical care. It’s important then to ensure solid, supportive management. Here are three things that might make you a better executive.

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Understand Your Faults

People aren’t perfect. Sometimes it feels like the supervisor should be, creating a great deal of stress; that heaviness can be hard to carry, busting out at times with anger or frustration. Employees, though, understand that errors in decision-making may happen. In fact, it’s okay for the bossy to admit a mistake. It shows humanity, and, depending on the recovery process, it could show strength. Remember that workers want to see someone who can bounce back, fighting to regain a place at the top.

Improve Listening Skills

Being in charge doesn’t mean ignoring others. At times, the best ideas might come from your subordinates. They see the company from a different angle, and they may have something quite valuable to offer; however, if you shut them down too quickly, these people will become too afraid to share. If this is a problem, speak with someone who focuses on corporate effectiveness coaching. This expert can work with you on learning active listening skills.

Establish Small Goals

As you learn to remain open-minded, it’s also good to evaluate your weaknesses and set goals to improve them. Make a list of what bothers you, or ask some confidants for their honest opinion. What should you work on? Do you get angered quickly? Have you been short-tempered in the office? Do you find yourself too impatient? These traits might improve through exercises and coping skills. Work with a professional to establish smaller goals. This could improve your overall demeanor as well as office relationships.

Dedicate yourself to creating a positive climate. When you’re strong, others may just try a bit harder to be stronger too.

5 Ways To Express Appreciation for Your Employees

When you think of what it means to do a good job, you may focus on the technical skills needed to complete your daily tasks. As a manager, however, showing appreciation to those you supervise is an integral part of improving employee engagement and office morale. Different people like different kinds of appreciation, so it’s best to be adept at expressing encouragement in multiple ways. 

1. Encouraging Words

Telling employees that they’re doing a good job is the simplest way to encourage them. It can also be one of the most effective. Letting them know they’re on the right track can boost their confidence and encourage continued good performance.

2. Helpful Assistance

For some people, what you do is more important than what you say. Offering help on a challenging project or going out of your way to provide the support they need communicates that they don’t have to handle big problems alone.

3. Appropriate Gifts

A gift is a tangible way to show employees that you notice and appreciate their contributions. You can give gift cards or unique corporate gift baskets as a reward for all their hard work.

4. Personal Attention

Greeting everyone when you walk in may not be enough to let them know that you really see them. Scheduling regular one-on-one meetings with subordinates helps you keep up with their progress and also lets them know that you care about them personally.

5. Hearty Handshakes

A confirming touch may help some employees feel like a part of the team. Handshakes and high fives are appropriate ways to communicate appreciation through touch in the workplace.

You don’t have to make grand gestures every day to let people know you appreciate them. A kind word or thoughtful gesture can go a long way when it comes to communicating that you notice the good work your team is doing.

4 Ways to Become a Better Secretary

It’s common to be a little underappreciated as a secretary. If you want to stand out in your field, you’ll need to deliver such exceptional service that the people around you can’t help but “wow” at your performance. If you’re ready to rise to the top, here are just four tips for becoming a better secretary!

1. Invest in High-Quality Equipment

It’s hard to be the best when you’re operating with sub-par equipment. It’s like trying to run an Olympic mile when you don’t have shoes. Ask your boss if you can set aside a little of the budget to order some transcription machines or organizational supplies. With the right tools, who knows what you can achieve?

2. Put Your Desk in Order

Speaking of organization, it’s one of the foundations of being a good secretary. You can’t expect to excel at your job if you’re constantly losing pens or misplacing files. Even if your boss doesn’t approve those funds for new organizational tools, you can always make an effort to be tidier at your desk. You don’t need fancy gear to keep things clean.

3. Improve Your Typing Ability

While there’s no set standard for typing skills, you won’t be considered a good secretary if you can only peck 50 words per minute. A better goal is something like 100 or even 150 words per minute. Fortunately, you can practice with software like UltraKey. It will whip your fingers into shape until you can type faster than a speeding bullet!

4. Ask for Feedback

Last but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Your boss should be pleased that you’re seeking self-improvement. Just make sure that you take their criticisms to heart without getting angry or offended. You can’t ask for a performance review and get upset if the results aren’t what you wanted!

These are just a few ways to improve your skills as a secretary. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Use these tips to make sure that you’re doing it at your fullest potential.