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We Have You Covered

Our tactical clothes are made to go with you when ever and where ever you go. Take the Tacshell Jacket at for example. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also windproof and breathable at the same time. Special features make it the perfect design for Officers of the Peace or any other professional that works in the elements. Blauer specially designed this jacket with a drop shoulder detail that allows for range of motion, for people who have an athletic build. We have also included zippered side openings to enable quick weapon or equipment access. This jacket comes in 3 colors and our sizes range to fit XS through 5XL. No matter where you are, or what your size is, we have you covered,Patrol Trousers help officers keep the chill away when working at colder times of the year. These rugged pants repel water and have a soil release finish. They also have an athletic cut to allow for non-restrictive movement. These pants are designed with 9 pockets, enough places to store the essentials you need. These pants come in sizes 28 through 52 and are only available in blue. No matter how cold it may be, we have you covered with these patrol trousers.

View our selection of tactical accessories as well. Head coverings are designed to keep the wind at bay and help you stay warm. You will want to cover your head with a Blauer hat when the temperatures dip to freezing, click here to see our Blauer hats. These hats are made of wool and have a warm fleece lining. Navy is the only color available for this cap washable style hat. With our head wear, we have you covered from head to toe.

Visit Blauer to see our suspenders. They offer comfort and security while you work. Our suspenders help keep your duty belt in place. This also helps with range of motion. We will keep you covered with our suspenders.Regardless of what your needs are, rest assured, we have you covered. For more information or additional details about Blauer products go to our web site.

No Sweat: Company offers creative fashion solutions

When we discover our professional attire is suffering sweat stains, it’s a good bet most of us would get unhappy, and either scrub furiously to try to wipe them away or take the unwanted step of actually getting rid of the permanently damaged item. Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano found a better solution: Garment Guards. She created disposable and discreet adhesive devices that soak up perspiration before it hits your underarms or collars.

At the time, the law student was more worried about damage to her workplace attire and professional clothing. But she soon realized that other people might be interested in Garment Guards and similar products to prevent sweat stains , ring around the collar or other fashion disasters. So she created a company called Solutions That Stick that today offers products to how to remove deodorant stains and more than 25 other useful products.

Footwear-related products include Boot Stay which can help keep your boots from sagging and Sticky Bottoms which are removable sole protectors to give your footwear better traction. Another popular product is Pocksie which is a device that can add a temporary extra pocket to your attire, your boots or perhaps an accessory like a bag. A Pocksie could come in handy if someone doesn’t have any pockets in an outfit or needs an extra one.

It’s useful if you’re out with your friends and wearing a dress or pants without pockets, and don’t want to bring along a wallet, purse or pocketbook for your license, credit cards or other information.

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These products are definitely useful for the home, the workplace, or other social situations.

There’s even some creative products that aren’t related to clothing, such as Drip Strips, which remove the “drool” from the outside of wine bottles – which is term for the stray drips that sometimes come from pouring wine that can accidently damage tablecloths, napkins or sleeves. These strips go right below the bottle’s mouth to keep any excess drips from spreading further. Click me for more details.

In addition to prolonging the life of your clothes or other items in your home, you’ll feel better in potentially sweaty situations. Because of these useful products, you’ll learn how to prevent sweat stains , your confidence will soar and you’ll present a clean, authoritative figure to the world. Check out more here to see how to prevent pit stains.

EMT Gear that Saves Lives

Not many people will even think about getting items that are related to their local fire department, or emt units that will be called upon, when normal people are facing danger. Think about purchasing a few fireman shirts, to show them how important they are, and how much everyone respects the job that they are doing. It is not an easy task to run into a burning building to save someone who they don’t know, but these brave people do it every single time a fire is burning. You can even think about getting a large number of shirts, to send them to your fire department, as a little thank you for all the hard work.

It might seem strange that a simple t shirt is able to tell someone how much are appreciated, but the truth of the matter is that these shirts are special. Not everyone is able to understand the meaning of the logos that are printed on the t shirts, and only those who have gone through the training will know how important the shirt means. Normal people will only look at how cool the logo is, but for the firefighters, they have a sense of pride when they are wearing it.

If you are someone that likes to be prepared in case of an emergency, you can think about getting ems gear, which might save lives when the time comes. Although the response time of emt units are very fast, when a person is in distress, the first few minutes will be the most crucial. If you have gear that might give the person in trouble help, this will give them a better chance to survive, until help arrives.

Getting these gears are easy, and you only need to spend minutes of your time online to find a place that you can purchase them from. However, you will need to understand how to use these gears properly to help someone, or they might be counterproductive. There are courses that you will be able to attend to learn how to use this equipment, and you might even turn into a hero one day, if you ever need to use them. Most people will stand back and do nothing if they see someone in trouble, but with the proper training and equipment, you will not be someone in the crowd. When the time comes, the price of the gear is small, when you compare it to saving a life.