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Criteria in selecting candidates for the 2016 elections


Have you decided whom you will vote this coming May elections? Have you tried to research about your bet or at least study their background provided on the Internet or shown by different TV networks? Take a few minutes to look at these criteria and see if any matches your candidate.

By the way, the list is part of the Voters’ Guidelines issued by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption to its members nationwide for the May 2007 election.

I hope you will consider the following criteria when selecting your candidate for the May 2016 Elections

  1. No record complaint of heinous crime cases such as drug trafficking, kidnapping and rubout, massacre and murder and even Plunder;
  2. No record of human rights violations;
  3. No record/complaint or information of serious manhandling due to drunkenness;
  4. Not invoked in syndicated corruption either in public or private practice;
  5. Not owning businesses/financial assets or properties abroad acquired from possibly laundered money;
  6. No record of abuse against women’s rights

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Let’s Make 2013 Election Clear: An Appeal to Candidates

Candidates would need to know that having a position in the government is not just a title. People who are elected are expected to show that they are right for the job. One of the mistakes that candidates make is they think that being elected is a ticket to being more popular when in fact, being elected will give them a lot of responsibilities that they might not be able to do if they are not fit for the job. Candidates, we are appealing to you, aim to win so that you can truly help. Do not do it because you would like to have power or because you would like to form a coalition of some sort. Do it because you like to help make the country a better place.

What voters are expecting from their Candidates

We have to admit that election is coming around very soon. This is the reason why some candidates are already showing political ads and even printing different flyers with their faces on it. Generally, they are promoting themselves so that people will remember them come Election Day. Aside from the promotion however, some of the things that they can expect from their candidates are the following

  • Better leadership so that the country will be able to rise up as a whole.
  • Not corrupted. Corruption is one of the primary reasons why a country fails.
  • Good skills in handling possible problems that can come their way. Without good skills, a candidate will not be able to lead a whole country.

With these things in mind, people should vote the candidate whom they think can give them the leadership that they deserve to have.