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Simple things to do to reduce carbon footprint at home

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We all should do our part to reduce our carbon footprint on the world around us. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to begin this process. In fact, adding three simple actions to your day-to-day life can make a huge impact on mother earth.

When you recycle, you not only reduce landfill trash, you give used items a shot at another life. Recycling has never been easier. Instead of throwing recyclable items in the trash, collect them in a bag or recycle bin. This is not a time-consuming process. It can be done each time you get ready to throw away an item. It takes less than five minutes to do and yet its impact is huge. This is simple unlike the study of dental implants from

Turn the Water Off
It’s equally easy to become aware of water consumption. You can set a time limit for showers. This is one measure that will definitely help you conserve more water. However, there are other things you can do as well. Limiting the frequency and duration of watering your grass is another simple way to conserve water. If your city allows it, consider investing in a rain barrel as an eco-conscious and economical way to conserve water.

Turn the Lights Off
Turn the lights off when you leave a room. This is a simple gesture that takes mere minutes. However, make sure that you are doing this consistently. Energy conservation is just as important as recycling and water conservation. This action should spread to include the devices you use in your household as well. Turn your t.v off when it’s not in use. This should apply to other commonly used electrical items as well. Although these are seemingly small gestures, they have a huge impact.

Developing a greener mindset is not a complicated process. In fact, it’s pretty simple. It requires becoming more conscious of the way we use and discard things. Plus, the activities don’t take a long time to accomplish. They can be completed on an as needed basis and usually don’t require anything complicated. However, you must be willing to consistently practice these activities. When you are inconsistent your impact is not as substantial as it can be when it’s practiced on a regular basis. Reduce your carbon footprint in the world. Practice a few green habits to make the world a better place.

Save gas, do your shopping online

Are you familiar with green shopping? It’s my first time to hear about it either. But I was amazed at how this concept works. It saves consumers time and money and do something good for the environment in the process.

It works like this, if you make your shopping online you’ll consume less energy and reduced carbon dioxide emission by 35 percent for not using your car driving to and from the stores. Sounds a good idea for busy mommies like us, right? We don’t have to leave our homes during the busy weekdays to do our shopping, but wait for our goods to be delivered right at our doorsteps.

I have tried online shopping for apparel, shoes and some gadgets in the past months and boy, I paid costly delivery charges on them. This time, I would like to try shopping at because aside from the lowest prices and free delivery on electronics and affordable bass with an active preamp, I would still feel good knowing that I contributed something for the environment like make the air we breath a little cleaner.

Moles and voles banished!!

20_zps448bc338Repellex wants to let you know how to get rid of voles and moles from your property once and for all. They’ve developed a product that will do the job effectively and simply with all natural products. Repellex has created the website,, where you can find complete information about their line of products, including Repellex Systemic Tablets and Repellex Gopher and Mole Repellent. Repellex uses a combination of garlic, pepper oils, castor oil and an emulsifier that you apply directly where you need them, and the result is a direct hit to drive moles, voles, and gophers away from your precious plants, without harming them or your pets. What more could you want?

Gardeners everywhere are praising Repellex for their green-spirited approach to this pesky problem. As voles retreat, vole and mole tracks naturally disappear. These ingredients are safe for humans, pets, and even for the pests you are repelling. You will want to let the product dry to decrease the smell of the garlic and castor oil, but they are totally non-toxic to your children and your dogs or cats!

Voles destroy flowers, plants and vegetable gardens by destroying the roots of your garden as they burrow along in the ground. Repellex aims not to kill voles but to repel them from the garden before they eat the roots and sometimes the rest of your plants. The aim is to make the garden an unfriendly habitat, so the voles, moles and gophers will not take up residence within.

What about your vegetable gardens? Wondering how you will get rid of moles burrowing through there, who might destroy roots and root crops as they search for their food, worms? You can safely use these products in your vegetable garden as well. The only cautionaries given are to be aware of the effect of the product on the leaves, as they may cause slight burning of leaves when exposed to light. Otherwise, moles begone!!

Gardeners will rest easily having applied these products. So what’s involved? Apply Repellex systemic tablets to the area of concern. These tablets are watered into the area, and the Repellex ingredients are actually absorbed into the plants system. When a mole attempts to eat the plant, it gets a mouthful of repulsive garlic and castor oil, and is repelled from the area.

The other approach, is to use Repellex Gopher and Mole repellent spray, which is absorbed into the soil, and coats plants’ surfaces. In this way, moles and voles are repelled by the smell as they approach an area. can give you all the information you need about Repellex Gopher and Mole Repellent, and moles and voles will be banished!