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3 Tips for Event Planning During COVID

Whether you are planning for a wedding, a small gathering or a business get together, COVID has changed the landscape of events. Fortunately, there are ways to organize an event without putting people at risk. Follow this guide for three quick tips for safe gatherings.   

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Choosing a Venue  

The first decision you need to make is where to host the event. When selecting a venue, you want to look at where you can have proper ventilation or free moving air. If choosing somewhere outside, you may want to invest in a spot cooler rental South Florida; this will help your guests stay comfortable in the heat. Additionally, take the time to review the space available as well, to ensure that your guests can safely socially distance.

Preparing for Safety  

Making your guests feel safe should be a top priority. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting up hand washing and hand sanitizer stations. For food services, limit who is serving food. When possible, set up trash cans with foot pedals rather than ones where guests may need to touch. By putting these sorts of safety measures in place, you can make sure your guests are protected throughout the event. 

Managing a Guest List  

Finally, go through your guest list. Start by looking at local ordinances for gatherings to help you keep your numbers under the legal limits. Then, check that you have found alternative ways of participating for high-risk guests, such as via Zoom. Next, send out the invitations, offering options for people to take part online; or not attend if they feel uneasy. By keeping the conversation open, your guests will feel comfortable no matter how they attend. 

No matter how your event looks, keeping your guests safe should be your highest priority. Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well. 

What to Remember When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a monumental and overwhelming task at times. Much like we see happen with planning for holidays but on a much smaller scale, planning a wedding can be so exhausting and chaotic that the bride and groom can lose sight of the beauty and meaning of the event itself.

Here are a few things to remember when planning a wedding that may help you to arrive at your big day with a greater sense of what matters most – the two of you!

Make a list!

Obvious – we know, but you cannot imagine how many times people search for complex solutions when simple, easy and free options are passed over as too simple.

In making your list, assign priority to each item.

Being realistic about what actually can be accomplished is helpful and tackling the essential items first will ensure that any “stragglers” on the list are items that will not spoil your day if they absolutely can’t be completed in time.

Don’t wait on the crucial and time sensitive items

Engagement rings are usually  purchased right in the beginning of this journey, but we see lots and lots of couples waiting till the last moment to order wedding bands. Remember that bridal jewelry can take time to create, and custom rings or less common items such as platinum wedding bands can take longer than the standard couple of weeks to create.  You’ll also want to try the rings on in plenty of time to correct sizing issues if there are any.

Know that while your family and friends certainly mean well, this is your big day and all of the decisions are ultimately yours to make. It may seem easier to give in to the ideas and demands of others, however, doing so when you feel strongly about the idea or situation can make you feel frazzled and resentful.  Choose your battles wisely, but know that if an issue is important to you, it’s OK to put your foot down.

Start your planning and preparations in plenty of time to be systematic about each task

Procrastination is a huge source of stress and pressure, so avoid it at all costs!

Breathe!!  It is a huge day, but it is just one day.  The details are all just icing on the true cake – your love being celebrated by the two of you, the officiant of your choice and all of the people you love the most is the important thing.

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