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Health hazards of sitting too much


Is it true that our behind helps us live longer? Don’t laugh because experts say it’s true. Health experts said that people who sit less and stand more have better health compared to individuals who spend more time sitting. People who sit longer are said to be sickly and have higher risk of dying. If sitting beyond three hours is unavoidable, you should at least take a few minutes break, walk or exercise for a while before going back to work.

I know and can relate to a lot of work at home mommies here. We have a lot in our plate, but there are familiar household chores which we can do to avoid sitting the whole day. How about moving furniture or scrubbing floors; raking leaves, gardening, and mowing the lawn; washing the car, cleaning windows, vacuuming, washing the dishes and doing laundry. You should squeeze in walking as supplement exercise to strengthen the heart.

If you are into dancing you can turn on the radio and amplify it with an ae2500  to keep your “butt” away from your seat for a while.

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Why are Resistance Exercise Bands Best for your Workouts

Stretch band are best and inexpensive piece of equipment for resistance workout. It not only takes up minimal storage space but you can also take it along while traveling. You can use them inside or outside, or when you are traveling. However, you can get best results only when you use high quality resistance bands that won’t cost you more than few dollars a piece!

Pull up bands are quite different from conventional exercise equipment that we normally find in gyms. They rely on special elastic tubes to generate resistance and come along with handles and anchors. All you have to do is to do a workout using these exercise bands to find the most appropriate resistance for your needs. You can easily create various exercises using these bands. By using a proper anchoring system with resistance bands you can workout each of your body muscles in one session.

These fitness bands are best for people with any fitness level. Each of these bands has different color and stands for a specific resistance. Yellow gives the lowest resistance of about 4-6 lbs while black offer the highest with 20lbs. All those who want to tone their muscles and shed excess body fat can easily benefit from these bands.

You can get different types of fitness bands on the market but you should insist on one with a good anchoring system. You can workout your body fully only when fitness band has good anchoring system. Its best to research online to know your options before buying a fitness band for your workout. This will ensure that you get one with suitable resistance as per your physique.

The best place to search for these bands is online where you will find hundreds of band in different brands in one single store. This way you can compare all your options and choose the best one according to your needs. Best of all, you can do this right from your home. It’s best to start with a low resistance band and then work up your way with time. This will ensure that you don’t end up overstretching your muscles during your workout.

Exercise tips for heavy or overweight women

Many women are now resorting into exercises that they can do at home especially overweight women because they tend to feel out of place whenever they go into the gym or exercise facilities so don’t fret here are some tips in which you can tone down your shape by yourself.
• Jogging or biking. These exercises are not only effective and cheap; it is also advisable for having many benefits like endurance, strength and cardiovascular improvements.
• Aerobics and exercise trainings. It is somewhat low impact but with proper guidance you can achieve your goal with less stress and money. There are many video tutorials that you can watch and at the same time exercise along with it.
• Sports or activities. Dancing is also a great exercise. You are learning and enjoying but at the same time helping your body reduce calories.
Remember that it all depends on your efforts and dedication to achieve whatever look you are trying to pursue. Who knows your boyfriend might just surprise you with wedding ring titanium for all your hard work to stay fit and healthy.