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Businesses that Boom During the Lenten Season

The Lenten Season is a significant time of year for Christians around the world, particularly in countries where the religion holds a strong influence. During this period, many businesses experience a surge in demand for products and services related to the Lenten Season. From food to fashion, these businesses benefit from the season’s religious significance and cultural traditions. Here are some of the businesses that boom during the Lenten Season.

Photo by Sherwin Ker on Unsplash

Seafood Restaurants

One of the most significant traditions during the Lenten Season is abstaining from meat on Fridays. As a result, seafood restaurants tend to see a significant increase in business during this time. From Lenten seafood dishes like fish and chips to crab cakes and lobster, seafood restaurants offer a variety of meat-free options that cater to the Lenten Season’s dietary restrictions.


Another food-related business that sees an increase in demand during the Lenten Season is bakeries. Lenten-themed bakery items, including hot cross buns made with raisins and spices, chocolate crosses, and Easter-themed cookies, are popular during this time of year when bakeries see an increase in demand

Religious Goods Stores

During the Lenten Season, many Christians like to display their faith through buying religious items for Lent, such as Lenten religious symbols and icons. Religious goods stores offer a variety of religious gifts for Lent that cater to this demand, such as crosses, rosaries, prayer cards, and other religious items.

Clothing Stores

If you’re looking for Lenten fashion inspiration, consider incorporating some modest clothing options into your wardrobe. Clothing stores that specialize in modest fashion, or that offer Lenten dress codes, can help you find the right pieces to wear during the season.

Travel and Tourism

The Lenten Season is a popular time for those seeking spiritual journeys to visit Lenten pilgrimage destinations such as the Vatican in Rome or the Holy Land in Israel. Travel and tourism businesses that cater to these destinations often see an increase in demand during this time.


Flowers are a popular way to express one’s faith and devotion during the Lenten Season. Many Christians purchase flowers to decorate their homes and places of worship during this time. Florists that specialize in Lenten floral arrangements and bouquets often see an increase in demand during this season.

Stationery Stores

Many Christians also like to send Lenten greeting cards and invitations during the season. Stationery stores that offer a variety of religious-themed cards and invitations often see an increase in demand during this time of year.

In conclusion, the Lenten Season is a time when many businesses see an increase in demand for products and services related to the season’s religious significance and cultural traditions. From seafood restaurants and bakeries to religious goods stores and clothing stores, these businesses offer a variety of products and services that cater to the unique needs and preferences of Christians during this time of year. Whether you’re looking for a Lenten-themed treat or a religious item to display your faith, there are many businesses that can help you meet your needs during the Lenten Season.

Slow Cookers, Pepper Grinders & More

Getting a hot, tasty meal on the table every night of the week can be a challenge whether you work in or outside of your home. It can be all too easy to grab take-out or prepared food to get dinner on the table but that gets expensive plus the foods are generally loaded with fat and sodium. Take it easy with a different approach to cooking – a slow cooker is the ultimate way to save time and money while you enjoy nutritious and delicious meals.


The concept of slow cooking has been around almost since people began to cook – foods left to cook over a low heat for a long periods of time will break down to release wonderful flavors; lesser cuts of meat literally fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. The modern way to cook slowly simply means that you use an appliance instead of an open flame – all you need to do is assemble the ingredients, put them in the cooking vessel and set the timer before you go about your business. Hours later you return to a home filled with the aroma of a piping hot meal that is ready to savor and enjoy.

Slow cooking lets you incorporate organic foods along with fresh herbs and spices and control everything that goes into the dish; this is a good way to address any dietary restrictions and introduce healthier foods. Craft delicious soups, stews and chili dishes along with all sorts of hearty casseroles and healthy side dishes; there’s no need to fire up the stove because you only need access to an electrical outlet and the food keeps warm for hours. Slow cooked foods are ideally suited for entertaining and there’s no need to reheat anything or worry about a hot plate since the food is self-contained, portable and ready to serve any time.

Instead of relying on salt to bring out the flavor in the food you can enjoy a wider range of herbs and spices when you prepare foods from scratch. Pepper and spice grinders bring out the best flavors when you are using dried spices or you can use fresh spices such as rosemary and thyme. If you do not have access to a local farmers market you can generally pick up fresh herbs in the produce section of the supermarket, or you might even want to try planting a small herb garden in your yard or on a windowsill.