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Keeping Your Gun Clean

If you have invested in a handgun, you should know how to properly maintain it. Gun costs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You want to take care of something that you put this type of money into. Here are a few parts to the weapon that you should make sure to clean on a regular basis.

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels


The slide ejects the shot casing. A lot of dirt and black powder will be released onto the gun when a bullet is fired. If the residue from this is left on the slide, it can cause the gun to jam and not cycle through the ammunition as smoothly as it should. This can affect the performance of the gun and make shooting it a less desirable thing to do.

Lower Receiver

The lower receiver does not have the bullet or casing, but it is very important in shooting the gun. The grip, firing pin, and upgrades such as a Glock trigger kit will need to be taking off and cleaned inside and out. All these items help you be able to shoot and make the gunfire. If one of these parts is corroded and dirty, it can be a safety hazard.


The barrel can become the dirtiest part of the gun. This is where the most residue will be at because it is where the bullet is fired out of. The size of the barrel determines how much area and gun powder you will be cleaning. Like many other parts, it’s not only the inside but the outside of the part that needs to be cleaned. The barrel will determine a lot of the accuracy of your gun, so keeping it clean will help you shoot better.

Safety and performance are what many people look for when purchasing their guns. Do not compromise those features of your handgun by not cleaning your gun properly.

Specially Designed Motorcycle Gear For Women Bikers

Whenever a motorcyclist rides a motorcycle without wearing proper safety gear, he or she is at great risk. Whether the law requires a motorcyclist to wear a safety helmet and etc., it is always safe, effective and smart for the motorcyclist to wear proper gear to protect themselves from serious injuries or even death. Accident statistics have shown that most permanent injuries and death cases were the results of not wearing proper motorcycle safety gear.

There is a wide range of motorcycle protective gear that is essential for the safe riding of motorcyclist but unfortunately, some motorcyclists are not serious enough in protecting themselves by wearing proper motorcycle clothing and using the proper gear. Every piece of motorcycle gear is specially designed and contributes to the safety of the motorcyclist.

The helmet is for the protection of the motorcyclist’s head and brain, and face. The full face DOT certified helmet, is highly recommended. A full face helmet offers the best protection from road hazards, road spills and protects your face from wind, bugs, and particles when riding. A full face helmet is for any bikers who care about their safety and the protection of their face in a fall or a crash.

Besides the different types of helmets for men bikers, there are also specially designed helmets for women bikers. Just like the men bikers, women bikers also need proper helmet for protection but something outstanding from the men’s. is the place to shop for the best motorcycle helmets for women as they offer a superb collection from top brands such as Shoei, Suomy, and others.

The second item on the list is the motorcycle jacket. Quality motorcycle jackets are usually made from mesh, textile, leather, or a mix of quality materials that won’t easily rip apart. You can either choose a seasonal jacket or a jacket for all seasons. Get a quality armoured jacket or a jacket with armour slots. Due to women bikers’ sizes and styles, they require a specially designed type of ladies motorcycle jacket. These jackets come in a variety of colours and sewed from an array of fabrics to shield vulnerable areas of the body, offering waterproof protection as well.

Besides the motorcycle jacket, other motorcycle gear should include quality safety helmet, pants, vests, footwear, gloves, etc. Buy proper motorcycle gloves with knuckle and palm armour for hand protection. The motorcycle pants should be of abrasion or tear resistant materials and equipped with armour slots. Get good quality boots to protect your ankles and lower leg. For other safety gear and accessories, you can visit to check their prices and details.

Law Enforcement Body Armor

The appearance of a uniform is similar across many branches of law enforcement, such as firefighters, sheriffs and police officers. The colors of a uniform are different to identify separate departments.

Stab Proof Armor

Police officers deal with danger constantly every day. These people are required to wear body armor for protection due to the impact from hand to hand combat. The vest must be:

• Bullet proof.

• Impact proof.

• Stab proof.

Even though the officers encounter bruises, scrapes and impact from others, the risk of a fatal or serious injury from a stab wound should not be underestimated.

For example, a police officer pursues a situation where an enemy has a weapon or object that stabs people, the fight between those parties gets close to each other. Especially fighting in combat, rescuing someone and participating in riots, a person needs protection against wounds.

The armor must be protective from sharp objects and flexible enough for someone to move freely. Cops deals with sharp objects that include:

• Knives.

• Glass.

• Spears.

• Rocks.

• Debris.

• or any physical object to make a stab wound.

Law enforcement rescues people from car accidents and work that involves debris is why police body armor should withstand stabbings and puncture wounds.

Emergency Medical Technicians

EMT’s use the best devices to make sure every person get the treatment needed in any situation that is urgent. Equipment such as:

• Warmers.

• Monitors.

• Defibrillators.

are important in a facility or field. EMT medical services and equipment should be easy to use and learn.

EMT Uniform

EMS workers where comfortable EMT gear:

• Shoulder epaulets.

• Pressed collars.

• Military creases.

• Shirts with button down fronts.

• 2 chest pockets.

to present an image of a professional look. The color dark blue is associated with police officers and EMS professionals. However, a lot of people choose to wear white shirts and dark blue and black pants. People from their units where name tags and metal badges to identify their name. Also, individuals wear patches to indicate their position.

EMT pants consist of

• Front pockets.

• Back pockets.

• Pockets on the legs.

to store equipment, such as stethoscopes and gloves.

A Class A shirt is similar to the look of a polo shirt. This shirt is embroidered with EMS logo or lettering. Other people wear T-shirts of a solid color with EMS, EMT, or Paramedic letters on the back and a badge on the chest.