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What to Remember When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a monumental and overwhelming task at times. Much like we see happen with planning for holidays but on a much smaller scale, planning a wedding can be so exhausting and chaotic that the bride and groom can lose sight of the beauty and meaning of the event itself.

Here are a few things to remember when planning a wedding that may help you to arrive at your big day with a greater sense of what matters most – the two of you!

Make a list!

Obvious – we know, but you cannot imagine how many times people search for complex solutions when simple, easy and free options are passed over as too simple.

In making your list, assign priority to each item.

Being realistic about what actually can be accomplished is helpful and tackling the essential items first will ensure that any “stragglers” on the list are items that will not spoil your day if they absolutely can’t be completed in time.

Don’t wait on the crucial and time sensitive items

Engagement rings are usually  purchased right in the beginning of this journey, but we see lots and lots of couples waiting till the last moment to order wedding bands. Remember that bridal jewelry can take time to create, and custom rings or less common items such as platinum wedding bands can take longer than the standard couple of weeks to create.  You’ll also want to try the rings on in plenty of time to correct sizing issues if there are any.

Know that while your family and friends certainly mean well, this is your big day and all of the decisions are ultimately yours to make. It may seem easier to give in to the ideas and demands of others, however, doing so when you feel strongly about the idea or situation can make you feel frazzled and resentful.  Choose your battles wisely, but know that if an issue is important to you, it’s OK to put your foot down.

Start your planning and preparations in plenty of time to be systematic about each task

Procrastination is a huge source of stress and pressure, so avoid it at all costs!

Breathe!!  It is a huge day, but it is just one day.  The details are all just icing on the true cake – your love being celebrated by the two of you, the officiant of your choice and all of the people you love the most is the important thing.

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Shop for gift items wisely

It’s the time of the year again when people cram to shop for gift items. Many might have received their 13th month pay around this time and there’s just too many sale announcements that you just can’t resist.

Plan your shopping schedule ahead of time to avoid cramming. List down the items that you plan to purchase and their intended recipients. For a music lover friend or the one who plays the guitar well, you can choose guitar pickups at musicians friend for color and brand variation. You can also check how many strings on a guitar. And, never never shop when you are hungry for this might cause impulse shopping.

Cookie Treats In A Bouquet

One of the easiest gifts to make for any occasion is a cookie bouquet. They are ideal for the person who seems to have everything or the person you want to make smile by giving an unexpected treat. There are a few steps in completing the bouquet, but once you begin creating, it’s sometimes hard to stop as you begin thinking about holidays, birthdays and other special events that might look better with a bouquet of sweet treats.

cookie bouquet

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the occasion and the shape of the cookies that you want to make. You can get cookie cutters so that you have straight edges and designs that look professional, or you can roll cookie dough and cut the shapes with a knife so that they are a little more personal in appearance. Once the cookies are baked, you should decorate them before letting them cool. Make sure the icing is hard once it sets on the cookie. This will prevent the icing from coming off the cookie once it’s wrapped in plastic. Add small decorations, such as edible glitter and sprinkles, to the cookies for a beautiful touch so that they don’t look plain.

When you have all of the cookies made and wrapped, you can begin assembling the bouquet. Find a basket that matches the celebration. A colored basket will also work if you wrap a ribbon around the edges with pictures of the theme for the event. After the basket is decorated, place a piece of foam in the bottom. This will hold the wooden sticks that are placed on the back of each wrapped cookie. Use hot glue to secure a wooden stick onto the back of each treat. These can be purchased at most craft stores. Stagger the cookies so that they aren’t on one level when you look at the bouquet. Add decorations to the basket to match the celebration, such as pumpkins for Halloween or small Santas for Christmas. Make the basket as personal as possible with items that the recipient will enjoy and cookies in the flavors that the person will like.