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Why Vacations are a Necessity

Did you know that vacations are not as much of a luxury as they are a necessity? When you work all the time, it is essential to take time off to relax, relieve stress, and refresh. Stress is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure and heart disease. Everyone needs time to forget about problems and take the time to just enjoy themselves.

Go to a Favorite Place

When you think of vacationing, what visions automatically pop into your head? Is it the beauty of the mountains or relaxing by the ocean? Your vacation destination should be a place that makes you happy and provides an atmosphere that is conducive to rejuvenation. If you are dreaming of days spent lying on the beach and evenings watching beautiful sunsets over the ocean, rentals on bald head island offered by Sea Breeze Rentals might be a good choice.

Maybe your favorite childhood memories of vacations include camping in the mountains and enjoying the scenic views and the sounds of nature. Returning to a place that evokes these memories can be one of the best vacations you have had in many years. There is just something about enjoying the simple things that were part of childhood that can provide happiness and a sense of well-being that lasts long after the vacation is over and you are home.

Vacations Create Bonds

Taking time off to spend time with loved ones can aid in creating bonds. Your partner and children may feel that there is no time to spend doing things together that are just fun. Perhaps all they see is you taking off for work each morning and returning exhausted at the end of the day. It is important to allow time for doing things on the spur of the moment and forgetting about responsibilities for a little while.

These are just a few of the reasons that vacations are good for your sense of well-being in addition to your health. It has been shown that people feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face work responsibilities when they vacation and spend time away on a regular basis.

How To Handle Joint And Muscle Pain

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There’s nothing quite as irritating and inconveniencing as joint and muscle pain. Even if the pain isn’t severe enough to prevent you from working or socializing, it can adversely impact your levels of productivity and mood. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can deploy to ease joint and muscle pains. Here are five of them:

1. Ice Therapy (Cryotherapy)

As many health experts know, cold temperatures are effective in reducing blood flow. As such, the use of ice therapy can help reduce the swelling of your tissue. Thus when you experience joint and muscle pain, try applying an ice pack to the region that was affected. The ice pack should be applied every hour during the day for 15 minutes.

2. Hydrotherapy

The use of warm water is effective in easing the pressure on your muscles and joints. As such, consider the value of taking a nice warm bath. These baths can alleviate the joint pain in your hips and knees. Make sure that you immerse the area that was affected within the water and then massage it for the purpose of stimulating blood flow.

3. Massage

Massages are an effective way for you to alleviate joint pain that you experience in your hips and knees. Massages can be done professionally, or you can complete one in the privacy of your home. If you opt to complete the massage yourself, be sure to massage the region that was affected with a menthol rub. This will help reduce the pain. Also keep in mind that the direction of the strokes you make should be towards your heart.

4. Medications

As many health experts know, certain medicines are wonderful for the relief of joint pain. This includes ibuprofen. Also note that a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can help in relieving the swelling and stiffness within your joints. Finally, a muscle relaxant can help reduce your experience of muscle spasms.

5. Natural Mixtures

There are several natural herbal mixtures that can help alleviate and prevent pain in the hip, knee, and other joints. An example would be herbal teas. Also note that visiting a holistic doctor in LA may help you attain health services that help expedite the healing process. Doctors like Dr. Bryan MD are pleased to offer clients the customized health services they deserve.

Summing It All Up

If you’re currently struggling with joint or muscle pain, it’s time to access and implement strategies that will eliminate the issue so you can resume enjoying your life. Use some or all of the techniques outlined above to ensure that you can attain the highest level of mental and physical well-being possible.

DOH files motion of reconsideration against TRO on RPRH Law

Here’s one positive news I read this week.

Finally we have a leader who fully supports the law and very vocal to protect the health of every Filipino women. 

DOH Sec. Ubial files motion for reconsideration against TRO

DOH Sec. Ubial files motion for reconsideration against TRO on RPRH Law at the Supreme Court this week. Photo credit:

Official statement of Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial in filing of motion for reconsideration against TRO on RPRH Law:

The Department of Health is here today to act on President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive for the full implementation of the Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health (RPRH) Law.

The DOH with the assistance of the Solicitor General, has filed with the Supreme Court today a Motion for Reconsideration against the Temporary Restraining Order on behalf of many Filipino women who will be at risk of maternal complications and adverse consequences of their pregnancy or childbirth.

It is estimated that any further delays in the full implementation of the RPRH Law may increase the number of Filipino women dying every year because of the greatly reduced access to family planning commodities and services which are severely affected by the TRO.

The DOH cannot renege on its mandate despite opposing opinions to protect the welfare of women, especially the poor, who have inadequate access to Family Planning Services.

The DOH appeals to every woman to speak out for her right, to have her voice heard and to ensure that every family in this country has the right to family planning services.