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4 Technology Careers You Can Prepare for From Home

Widespread access to online and remote learning makes training for a new career possible no matter where you find yourself in life. This is becoming increasingly apparent in the tech sector where a wide range of jobs are available with degrees and certificates that can be earned online. Some don’t even go that far -real-world training and your ability will speak for themselves. If you have been thinking about a career in the technology industry and want to train form home, these four jobs are a good place to start. 

Photo by Alizée Baudez on Unsplash

1. Network Engineer

Are you interested in working with hardware? This could be a great choice. As a network engineer, you will set up and maintain the networks that allow devices to communicate. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree for many roles, but data center training courses may be enough for some entry-level ones. 

2. Computer Programmer

If you prefer to work alone or as a freelancer, then computer programming is a field worth looking into. Computer programmers write the code that allows desktops, mobile apps and proprietary equipment run. While a computer science degree is a great feature, experience and skill will be a major factor in entering this field. 

3. Web Developer

A web developer design and execute the style and technical aspects of websites. This role offers a chance to use more visual creativity than some others in the industry. A degree is nice to have, but your experience will carry much more weight with HR departments. 

4. Cybersecurity Analyst

Ransomware, malware and other cyber threats are everywhere these days and companies are willing to pay handsomely for security experts that can protect their information. Look for training programs that can be completed online to prepare you for this in-demand role. 

The ability to work and learn from home is attractive to many people. Finding the right tech career allows you the opportunity to do both. 

Productive SAHM

Few of my batchmates in college are stay-at-home moms like me. They used to be in the corporate world, too, but choose to be a SAHM to take care of their young kids while their husbands are working abroad. But being at home the whole day doesn’t mean we are less productive or doesn’t contribute to the family finances. I, for one, maintains several blogs. And I can safely say that I earn from them and has helped my husband pay our bills and sometimes pay our children’s tuition. Some of my batchmates are into business. One is into selling shoes, bags and clothes. One is into beads and accessory business. She sells pandora bracelet in offices and tiangges during holiday season. So now, who would say that being a SAHM can’t be independent and productive.

Writing gig

If you love to write and you are looking for an extra job, you can try to look for technical or content writing job online. More companies are now hiring online writers to promote their business. You can earn a good sum from writing articles. Some companies pay per article or by bulk. It is also advisable if you own and maintain a blog so that potential clients can read sample of your write-up. Moms who are homebound earn while in between cooking, babysitting or fixing used commercial kitchen equipment. See, that’s how versatile and adaptable moms (who need an extra job) can get.