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Being Prepared for Auto Repairs

If your car is running perfectly, you may not be thinking about auto repairs. However, it is a good idea to find a reputable mechanic before you need your car to be worked on. Maybe it’s your first car and you don’t have any idea what types of repairs you might need down the road. Here are some of the most common repairs that cars need.

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Body Work

If you have been in an accident, then your vehicle will likely need some cosmetic repairs. This may include plastic welding services or a paint job, depending on what was damaged. If your car or truck was damaged in an accident, be sure to check with your insurance to see what they’ll cover before having the work done.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is one of those items that may have several things go wrong with it as your vehicle ages. You may need to have the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter replaced. Be sure to follow your maintenance schedule to keep your system working properly and so that your mechanic can let you know when you need to replace components.

Fuel Cap

If your fuel cap fits loosely, it can cause your engine to underperform. If the cap gets so loose that it falls off, you could really be tanking on your gas mileage. Check this item regularly because it is an easy fix and is often signaled by a lit check engine light.

Spark Plugs

You want your car to have a good ignition system, so be sure to replace the spark plugs and the ignition coil at the first sign of a problem. If the engine misfires or idles quite roughly, it’s a good idea to have it looked at.

This is not a comprehensive list but gives you an idea of some things to watch out for. It is a good idea to do your regular maintenance so you can avoid issues and reduce the cost of car repairs.

3 Types of Insurance Your Business Needs

Running a business comes with many of the same risks individuals need insurance for, but also adds additional insurance needs unique to business ownership. These are three of the types of business insurance you may need to purchase for your business. 

1. Workers’ Compensation 

If an employee gets injured while performing work for you, their medical bills, lost wages and other injury-related expenses will probably be covered by workers’ compensation laws. Most businesses are required by law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance Maitland FL, but even if it is not required, it is a good idea to have it. Even employees in low-risk work environments, such as offices, can experience slip and fall or repetitive motion injures that your business may be liable for. 

2. Property 

Whether you own your buildings or lease them, you will need property insurance to protect you from property damage caused by fires, storms, water, theft and other perils. While some types of water damage are covered by standard property insurance, flooding caused by hurricanes and other storms usually is not. You may need a separate flood policy if you are located in a high-risk area. Other perils, such as earthquakes, may also be excluded. If you are at a high-risk for excluded perils, you may need to seek specialty insurance for those risks.

3. Commercial Auto

Businesses are usually liable for damage caused by their employees when operating company vehicles while working. Additionally, you may wish to purchase comprehensive coverage that will cover damage done to your vehicles in an accident. Employees who drive their own vehicles are usually covered by their own insurance; however, you may need to purchase coverage for employees who use their own vehicles to deliver goods or services. 

Accidents and disasters can create substantial financial risks for business owners. These three types of insurance can help protect you against these risks. 

Estate Planning for the Future

If you really want to do your kids a favor, spend some time planning for when you’re gone. Whatever decisions you can make on behalf of your family now will benefit everyone later. Make sure that you have a valid and easy-to-read will and estate plan kept in a secure location.

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Get Advice

Before you scribble who gets what on the back of an envelope, ask friends for a recommendation for an attorney who specializes in trusts and will and do a search for reliable estate planners near me Mission Viejo CA. Avoid confusion later by letting professionals help you get your paperwork in order.

Figure Out What You Have

It’s important to take a thorough inventory of your assets so you know what you’re working with when it comes time to divide everything up. You may want all your heirs to get an equal portion or you may want to set aside special funds for special circumstances such as helping a grandchild pay for school or reserving money for a relative with special needs.

Make Decisions Now

Nobody plans to get infirm or incapable, but dementia and diseases like Alzheimer’s strike without regard to your wishes. Make decisions now about who will hold your power of attorney if you become incompetent. In addition, consider signing a medical directive so loved ones know just how far you’re willing to go with medical care.

Set Money Aside

Investigate your state’s inheritance and estate tax laws so you will know just how much money needs to be set aside to cover those fees. If you don’t, your beneficiaries may end paying a large portion of the money you planned to go to them. Also, prepay your funeral expenses as a final and thoughtful gift to your family.

Nobody likes to talk about death and dying, but it’s much easier to do it when you’re healthy and have a vigorous mind. Act responsibly now to save the heartache for your loved ones later.