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Three Craft Ideas to Update Your Home Decor

Crafting isn’t just about creating knickknacks you can’t really use. You can get in touch with your creative side to create some custom decor for your home that matches your style and your budget. Plus, the personalized touch will make your finished products much more meaningful! If you’re looking for some new accents to add to your home, here are three simple craft ideas you can make in just a few hours!

Create Some Personalized Signs

With a few materials from your local hardware shop and an online craft store, you can create a sign that’s a perfect fit with your home’s color theme. Attach a few boards together and use tracing paper to copy a beautiful phrase in your favorite font. Paint and let dry for a custom sign that’s perfect in any room you choose.

Upgrade a TV Tray with Fabric and Decoupage

TV trays are useful, but can be boring or downright unsightly. Choose a gorgeous fabric and use decoupage glue to cover the surface with a beautiful new design. Finish with an acrylic spray to protect from moisture and add some drawer handles to the edges. You’ll end up with the perfect piece of furniture for eating or housing small decor items. 

Image by Deedee86 from Pixabay

Design a Silk Wreath

Wreaths are beautiful indoors and out but can be costly when purchased as a finished product. Save yourself the extra cash by choosing silk flowers and greenery in combinations that you love and assemble them in a foam or grapevine wreath. Both structures are very forgiving and easy to change if you make a mistake or simply don’t like the layout. Display your finished product on the front door, in a window, over the mantle or as part of a gallery wall.

These craft ideas are great for any home, so they work especially well as gifts! A handmade item can be extra special and serves as a gorgeous reminder of a good friend.

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