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The Bail Process in Pennsylvania

If someone you know has been arrested in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering about the bail process. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the legal processes where you live. Then you can ensure that your rights and the rights of others are being observed correctly.

Arrest and Bail

Upon being arrested, the defendant will appear before the Magisterial District Judge, who then sets bail. The purpose of bail is to assure that the defendant sticks around for court proceedings. If the defendant cannot pay the bail that is set by the judge, the defendant goes to jail to await trial. 

The amount of bail is determined by several factors: the defendant’s previous criminal history, the seriousness of the crime, the defendant’s flight risk, and how strong the case against the defendant is. For first and second-degree murder cases in Pennsylvania, where conviction may carry a life sentence, there is no bail. When the bail amount is high and the defendant cannot pay it, Pennsylvania bail bonds can be brought into use.

Bail Bonds

A bail bondsman pays the bail in exchange for a fee, which is typically 10 to 13% of the bail amount. This is known as a bail bond. The bail bond is essentially a surety bond, meaning the bondsman is vouching for the defendant and asserting that he or she will show up for their court date. If the defendant fails to show, the bondsman may hire a bounty hunter to take the defendant to jail. 

Court Day

If the defendant shows up to court, the money put up by the bondsman or the bail put up by the defendant is returned. If the defendant skips out and does not come to court the money is kept by the court and a warrant is issued for the arrest of the defendant.

The Importance of Commercial Litigation Assistance

When it comes to the legal industry, there are all kinds of lawyers that deal with all kinds of legal problems. You may encounter a personal injury lawyer, divorce lawyer, or DUI attorney to name a few. If you are a part of a corporation that has encountered legal troubles, then you’ll want to become familiar with how to get commercial litigation assistance Lyndhurst NJ from a commercial litigation lawyer.

What is a Commercial Litigation?

Any time there is a dispute between companies that needs to be solved legally, it is considered a form of commercial litigation. Essentially, this litigation implies that there are several parties that are legally trying to solve a conflict that involves payments or transactions.

A simpler way to think about it is that commercial litigation is an umbrella term that can be used any time there are business-related issues that have appealed to the legal system to help get it resolved.

What Does a Commercial Litigation Lawyer Do?

As was stated above, there are lawyers for many different specific aspects of law. A commercial litigation lawyer is someone who has devoted their practice to representing a company’s best interests when a dispute over transactions has come up. Like with any legal case, the commercial litigation lawyer is trying to receive the best possible outcome for their client in the case.

What Happens When You Hire a Commercial Lawyer?

While each law firm operates a little bit differently, you can expect some basic things when hiring a commercial litigation lawyer. For one, they’ll usually conduct a case evaluation and ask you some basic questions so they know if/how they would proceed. 

Once they’ve decided to take on the case, they’ll help to draft all of the necessary pleadings and motions, responses to the other party and prepare the necessary documentation.

Purchasing Your First Home

If you think you are ready to purchase a home for the first time, it can be very exciting. If you are the kind of person who likes to do things yourself, you may be tempted to find a home that is being sold by the owner rather than through a real estate agency. Here are some things to think about when buying a home.

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Do You Need an Agent?

When you go house hunting, there are lots of reasons people work with a real estate agent. Even though you have to pay the agent a commission, there are certain benefits that may outweigh the costs. If you give a detailed list of what you are looking for to the agent, he or she can help to narrow down the available homes that fit your criteria.

It can be challenging to simply drive around town looking for homes that are for sale and hoping to find one that meets your needs. An agent usually has access to home listings in your area and can quickly pull up the specifics on each location, including the listing price. Working with a local agent, especially if you are from outside the area, can also give you solid intel on things like schools and shopping.

Do You Need an Attorney

While only a few states require an attorney for real estate transactions, hiring a real estate lawyer Ashburn VA can save you grief in the long run. Your lawyer can help you as you work through the lengthy documents before you sign them and can help if you end up with a dispute. The attorney can make sure that the contract meets requirements in your state. He or she can also help you know what to do if the title search comes up with a lien or other problem.

Purchasing a home is likely to be stressful, but much of the anxiety can be relieved if you work with professionals. Working with an agent and an attorney can help you get what you want and know what you’re getting.