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Our favorite park

Eco Park’s picnic huts

I considered Eco Park to be one of the family’s favorite places to visit. There are two reasons why we love Eco Park. First, Eco Park is accessible. It is just a tricycle and jeep ride away. Second, it’s economical. We don’t need to spend so much to enjoy the amenities inside the park. We could bring packed lunches and logo water bottles and have our lunch in one of the picnic huts inside the park.

Eco Park is the place to be for family gatherings, picnics or plain nature tripping. Some students gather in the place to hold school activities like drama rehearsals. The place is also perfect for professionals and would-be photographers to shoot nature-related subjects.

Eco Park is located at the La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City.

He deserves a break

If there is one person in my family who needs a break, it would be my husband. He’s working at the age of 19 to support himself to school. When we got married 14 years ago, I’ve never seen him tardy or absent from work for no apparent reason. He would file a leave of absence when he is sick, which rarely happens or when I or any of our two kids is in the hospital. He is devoted to his profession and I admire him for that. A man like him truly deserves a break and a treat.

If I have a big amount of money in my hand right now, I’m going to give him a Caribbean cruise deal for a Christmas gift. I’m sure he will love that especially if he knows that his travel will include Grand Cayman in Cayman Island. I’d love to hear him say he’s here for kayak seats.

Interesting places and products to experience in Nepal

Hubby and I were discussing about the best places for retirement or where to spend a brief vacation. Hubby said he wanted to visit Nepal since it’s a nice country to visit. He said a trek in the Himalayas is a wonderful idea while I’m spending some time searching for beaded jewelry and handicraft at the souvenir flea market in the area. I’ve discovered through the Internet that Nepal beaded accessories have eccentric designs. Native products I believe don’t go out of style and it’s cheaper since they are made from local materials.

crystal-singing-bowlOther interesting items that I saw online were these Nepali and Tibetan hand-woven handbags and Crystal Singing Bowls. There is this Army Green Felt Tibetan Wool shoulder handbag that is a perfect gift for a young girl. Hubby asked what’s so special about crystal singing bowl. Now that he mentions it I told him singing bowls are perfect for my yoga practice. The singing bowl which costs a few hundred bucks can be used for meditation and relaxation. It may sound absurd, but the vibration and resonance they produce has calming effect to the body. These tools could enhance the effect of meditation to our wellness.

If you love adventure Nepal is the best place for mountain climbers because it is where the majestic Mt. Everest is located.