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Interesting places and products to experience in Nepal

Hubby and I were discussing about the best places for retirement or where to spend a brief vacation. Hubby said he wanted to visit Nepal since it’s a nice country to visit. He said a trek in the Himalayas is a wonderful idea while I’m spending some time searching for beaded jewelry and handicraft at the souvenir flea market in the area. I’ve discovered through the Internet that Nepal beaded accessories have eccentric designs. Native products I believe don’t go out of style and it’s cheaper since they are made from local materials.

crystal-singing-bowlOther interesting items that I saw online were these Nepali and Tibetan hand-woven handbags and Crystal Singing Bowls. There is this Army Green Felt Tibetan Wool shoulder handbag that is a perfect gift for a young girl. Hubby asked what’s so special about crystal singing bowl. Now that he mentions it I told him singing bowls are perfect for my yoga practice. The singing bowl which costs a few hundred bucks can be used for meditation and relaxation. It may sound absurd, but the vibration and resonance they produce has calming effect to the body. These tools could enhance the effect of meditation to our wellness.

If you love adventure Nepal is the best place for mountain climbers because it is where the majestic Mt. Everest is located.

No Sweat: Company offers creative fashion solutions

When we discover our professional attire is suffering sweat stains, it’s a good bet most of us would get unhappy, and either scrub furiously to try to wipe them away or take the unwanted step of actually getting rid of the permanently damaged item. Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano found a better solution: Garment Guards. She created disposable and discreet adhesive devices that soak up perspiration before it hits your underarms or collars.

At the time, the law student was more worried about damage to her workplace attire and professional clothing. But she soon realized that other people might be interested in Garment Guards and similar products to prevent sweat stains , ring around the collar or other fashion disasters. So she created a company called Solutions That Stick that today offers products to how to remove deodorant stains and more than 25 other useful products.

Footwear-related products include Boot Stay which can help keep your boots from sagging and Sticky Bottoms which are removable sole protectors to give your footwear better traction. Another popular product is Pocksie which is a device that can add a temporary extra pocket to your attire, your boots or perhaps an accessory like a bag. A Pocksie could come in handy if someone doesn’t have any pockets in an outfit or needs an extra one.

It’s useful if you’re out with your friends and wearing a dress or pants without pockets, and don’t want to bring along a wallet, purse or pocketbook for your license, credit cards or other information.

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These products are definitely useful for the home, the workplace, or other social situations.

There’s even some creative products that aren’t related to clothing, such as Drip Strips, which remove the “drool” from the outside of wine bottles – which is term for the stray drips that sometimes come from pouring wine that can accidently damage tablecloths, napkins or sleeves. These strips go right below the bottle’s mouth to keep any excess drips from spreading further. Click me for more details.

In addition to prolonging the life of your clothes or other items in your home, you’ll feel better in potentially sweaty situations. Because of these useful products, you’ll learn how to prevent sweat stains , your confidence will soar and you’ll present a clean, authoritative figure to the world. Check out more here to see how to prevent pit stains.