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Simplicity is Beauty

We picked a simple dress for my daughter for her prom night. We could have chosen the one that she really liked, but we thought it’s not practical to buy a gown as expensive as ms70 gold eagle for the purpose of attending a single occasion. Call me killjoy, but that’s the way my husband and I sees it. We’re just lucky that our daughter understands our financial situation so she doesn’t insist getting the pretty gown on display. My daughter looks lovely despite the simplicity of her getup. The prom night went well. My daughter didn’t dance a lot (she’s not used to attending parties), but she enjoyed the occasion just the same.

Prom dress hunt

We’ll be going to the mall today to buy my daughter a Sunday dress for her prom next week. It’s going to be her first formal gathering to attend as a young lady. At first, she refuses to participate since most of her friends will not attend the program. But her teacher requested her to be the Bible bearer at the opening program of the prom. I’m excited to see how she will look like at the prom night. I know it’s not easy to look for a simple prom dress much like search for memory foam mattress at the mall. But my friends assured me that a department store in Quezon City carries a wide range of dresses at reasonable price. So, off we go to prom dress hunt.

Fashion at A Steal

I did mention about my love for shopping, but I guess most of you will wonder whether I am spending a huge portion of my money to buy all the stuffs that I want whenever I go on those trips. If truth be told, it takes a huge amount of self-control to not do exactly just that, but I have mastered the art of buying only what I really need and want as oppose to panic buying or hoarding on any random item I see in the display rack. It also works wonders to be up-to-date with the latest promos in the mall I frequent, that way, I know when the end-of-season sales are or when they’d mark down products at half the price to celebrate a certain holiday. I take advantage of these times by buying most of the stuffs I need when they are on sale at a much cheaper price. For example, if I chance upon a prom dress sale or a winter jacket sale, or a swimwear sale, early in January, I will jump at the opportunity as they would normally sell those items at a very low price around this time.

Being updated with fashion need not burn a hole in your pockets, you just need to be clever enough to know where to get the most fabulous finds and the best bargains and deals!

Guest post by a fashionista friend.