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Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace

The use of video cameras in the workplace is something that has been debated among employees, and employers. Many employees are worried about being monitored or watched at work and view this as an invasion of privacy. However, most employers use video surveillance to help prevent vandalism, theft, and other incidents that may put the business or employees at risk. Some of the specific benefits offered by video surveillance in the workplace can be found here.

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Reduce the Risk of Robberies and Theft  

If you run a business that is at a high risk of robberies or theft, like a jewelry store, retail store, or financial business investing in video surveillance Rochester NY is a must. Even if a robbery or theft occurs, having video surveillance in place makes it much easier to catch the person responsible.

Protection in Outside Areas

With video cameras in place, it is possible to ensure locations that are not watched very closely remain secure. This level of surveillance can also help prevent the presence of intruders in a loading dock area, which will help keep goods along with other supplies on the trucks from being stolen. Also, this security in parking areas can provide the additional benefit of keeping employees and customers safer as they enter or exit the business. If your business opens to a back alley, a video camera can keep your workers safe when they are using this to enter or exit.

Employee Dispute Resolution

Video surveillance can do more than just keep your property and employees safe. It is also an effective way to boost morale and productivity in the workplace, such as when a dispute occurs between workers.

With video cameras installed in the right locations, it is possible to keep your business, customers, and employees safe and deter theft. Being informed and knowing what video surveillance offers is the best way to keep your business and the people there safe.

Different Treatments for Emotional Trauma

If you’ve experienced emotional trauma in your life, you might be experiencing the negative effects of a traumatic event. Perhaps you deal with anxiety on a daily basis or maybe you drink alcohol or use drugs to drown your sorrows. Whatever the case, you should consider treatment for your emotional trauma. it’s not healthy to go through life carrying around your pain. However, it is healthy to talk about that pain and eventually bury those negative feelings. There are many types of treatments for emotional trauma. You can choose one that’s best for your needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a great option for people who constantly deal with negative thoughts and engage in behaviors that reflect those thoughts. CBT helps patients cope with negative feelings and thoughts by using more rational thinking. It challenges and changes unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improves emotional regulation and helps patients develop personal coping strategies that target solving certain problems.

For example, a common CBT intervention might include learning how to manage stress and anxiety. Your therapist might show you relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing or coping self-talk, such as “I’ve done this before. Take deep breaths”.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

A more involved treatment for trauma kent county RI might entail eye movement desensitization processing (EMDR). This process involves having a patient visualize or act out a personal experience that troubles them. This can be helpful in desensitizing the patient from the scary and troubling feelings they experience by thinking of a traumatic event. After they visualize the event, they identify a positive belief about themselves, which helps them focus on more positive things and not put so much energy into negative things.

Seeking help for your emotional trauma is of the utmost importance. Your mental health is an integral aspect of your wellbeing.

Keeping Your Gun Clean

If you have invested in a handgun, you should know how to properly maintain it. Gun costs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You want to take care of something that you put this type of money into. Here are a few parts to the weapon that you should make sure to clean on a regular basis.

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The slide ejects the shot casing. A lot of dirt and black powder will be released onto the gun when a bullet is fired. If the residue from this is left on the slide, it can cause the gun to jam and not cycle through the ammunition as smoothly as it should. This can affect the performance of the gun and make shooting it a less desirable thing to do.

Lower Receiver

The lower receiver does not have the bullet or casing, but it is very important in shooting the gun. The grip, firing pin, and upgrades such as a Glock trigger kit will need to be taking off and cleaned inside and out. All these items help you be able to shoot and make the gunfire. If one of these parts is corroded and dirty, it can be a safety hazard.


The barrel can become the dirtiest part of the gun. This is where the most residue will be at because it is where the bullet is fired out of. The size of the barrel determines how much area and gun powder you will be cleaning. Like many other parts, it’s not only the inside but the outside of the part that needs to be cleaned. The barrel will determine a lot of the accuracy of your gun, so keeping it clean will help you shoot better.

Safety and performance are what many people look for when purchasing their guns. Do not compromise those features of your handgun by not cleaning your gun properly.