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Six Simple Steps To Keep Your Cell Phone in Good Shape

So many of us are attached to our cell phones. In modern society, we can’t live without them. A broken phone is a major inconvenience. If it can’t be fixed, it’s a serious loss. That’s why we should do everything we can to keep our phones running well.

Repair, Don’t Replace

Just because you can, don’t replace your phone right away when something goes wrong. Often, it’s cheaper and quicker to have your phone fixed than to get a new one. Before chucking a basically fine phone, have your area cell phone repair Midland TX shop techs check it out first. The results may pleasantly surprise you.

Invest in a Phone Case

While a store protection plan is great, a phone case protects against accidents happening in the first place. Cell phones are shockingly delicate. Even minor falls or chips to the shell could impair components under the surface. A case cushions your phone from damages caused by dropping and other physical mishaps. Cases come in countless styles and colors to suit anyone’s tastes.

Store Your Phone Safely

Like all electronics, cell phones are sensitive to external conditions. Keep your phone in a neutral environment where it won’t freeze or overheat. Avoid destructive spills by keeping food and drinks, including water, away from your phone at all times.

Keep Your Screen Pristine

Especially with touch screen smartphones, screens are a critical part of our devices. Unfortunately, phone screens are easily scratched by sharp objects or cracked by blunt ones. Shun screen contact with objects other than your fingers, except when cleaning your screen with a soft cloth in alcohol solution.

Be Kind To Your Battery

Battery life is another common complaint. While some phone batteries are better than others, good habits go far to conserve power. Keep track of all background apps, and close those that aren’t necessary. Also, it’s bad to let your battery drain completely, so charge your phone immediately after the “low battery” alert.

All owners want their phones to work with minimal downtime. Care for your phone so it works when you need it most.

Bonus spending/saving tips


We haven’t received our 13th month pay yet. But for those who did, maybe you can pick a good tip or two from this post before you spend your hard earned money.

  • You may have allotted a portion of your bonus in buying Christmas gifts and other expenses for the holidays, but try to save an amount for your future needs.
  • If you don’t have other sources to pay your debt this year, you can use a percentage of your bonus to pay them off. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a brand new year debt-free?
  • If you have been thinking about establishing a small business of your own, you can start with a minimal capital using your bonus.
  • You can put your money in the bank if you don’t want to spend it on anything.
  • And if you are generous enough or you have more than enough to share, you can share your blessings to those who need financial help the most. Be a happy giver.

Be thankful of what you have. Spend and save your money wisely.

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Bargain finds

I find it difficult to shop for plus size clothing especially pants in regular store. But at the bargain store where I went last Saturday to shop different style of pants was all over the place. My eyes were feasting on capri pants. I got three pairs for less than $4. I was looking for tops and blouses to match with the capri pants, but to no avail. The shop was only carrying small to medium size shirts including vintage t shirts for kids. I requested the shop assistant to reserve a couple of large blouses for me when their next delivery arrives. I will pick up the new order on my next visit. Is it really hard to look for plus size tops even in bargain shops these days?